Fox News Shows Moral Depravity

I don’t want to say that the president’s immoral decree from on high regarding public schools and the transgender population is shocking. I’m tired of the outrage at the depravity from the left. But it is outrageous and I fear the left will continue down this broad road of destruction because they are in full-fledged rebellion against our Creator, shaking their fists at God. This being the case, they will be more and more in the faces of those who belong to the Creator via Christ’s atonement.

It seems as if this is a part of God’s winnowing fan in purifying the church. Who are those willing to oppose this new push for immorality?

Apparently, not Megyn Kelly of Fox News. In her interview with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, she makes it clear that she does not think his stand against these perverts is just, moral, or right at all. She actually sounds like she is angry with him for not just accepting the king’s decree from on high.

But alas, we should not expect much of a moral stand from Fox News. They are conservative, compared to the rest of the media, but not conservative theologically. They are liberal theologically, which means, in the long run, they will burn with the chaff when God gathers His wheat.

What I mean by that is that if you are not in Christ, do not trust in Jesus for your salvation, then by all means, grab a hold of this perverse sexual movement with all gusto. You will be embraced by the world and loved by the world.

But alas, the eternal end will not be so enjoyable. Jesus is still on the throne. He is still the eternal judge of all mankind, and if you are not willing to stand with Him now, against this cultural tide, then He will not stand with you on judgment day.



7 thoughts on “Fox News Shows Moral Depravity

    • Good point. I had forgotten that. Yet, you would think some of the Muslim views would come through if he had any influence, and Kelly would be saying we need to behead the transgender population.


      • Remaining in the background and stealthy they can have more impact as you demonstrated by forgetting this fact. Do underestimate their influence at FOX.


  1. Fox is worse for conservatives than MSNBC, because it isn’t really conservative (especially theologically, as you noted) yet it gives us all the baggage of things like their Trump support.


    • Thanks for the reminder. It’s been more than a year since I last watched it. I really don’t have any one network I trust for news any more.


  2. Megan Kelley is for the gay lifestyle. Many on FOX are gay and 10% of FOX is owned by Saudi Arabia Prince who is a Muslim so FOX is not conservative nor is it fair and balanced. You do not get godly truth out of people who do not know JESUS>


  3. Good reminder. It’s sad to the culture’s overall liberal slide (theologically and political) in every institution including those on the “conservative” spectrum.

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