Trumpsters, Please Stop Trying To Guilt Us into Voting for Your Candidate.

Dear Trumpsters,

Please stop telling us that we will be the reason for doom and gloom falling on our country if we do not vote for your candidate. We are too smart to fall for the cheap guilt trip.

Over the past several weeks, you have called me a zealot, told me if Hillary wins, that it’s my fault, told me that the horror she will bring rests on my shoulders, and all manner of things. You have told me that she is going take the Second Amendment from us, along with more of our religious freedoms. She is basically going to destroy the country as we know it. You are telling me that this is my fault because I won’t vote for Trump.

My contention is that Trump and Hillary are the same thing. For years, Trump supported Hillary, gave money to her campaign, shared her values, and hobnobbed with her and Bill. Suddenly, he changes in an instant and you fell for it. Sorry, only Jesus and the Holy Spirit can bring about such a radical change in a person, and that change has nothing to do with the political parties in our country. Trump’s move to the Republican party was done merely to upset the apple cart, and you failed to see that.

Because of your blindness, your fleshly desire for a candidate who will flip off the country, who will make brash statements, who lacks wisdom, who is a boaster, proud, haughty,  you know, all the things that are condemned in Scripture, you got what you wanted. I know, the president is not pastor-in-chief. I’ve read the weak arguments against such. But a man’s character still matters.

I bet most of you lambasted Bill Clinton for his lack of character and said he wasn’t qualified to be our president. Yet, Trump is the same thing on steroids. You lack discernment has allowed your flesh to get in the way of making a wise choice.

I’ve heard that we may lose up to 5 Supreme Court justices over the next 8 years, and this is the reason we should vote for Trump. The problem is, he is not a conservative. He never has been and will not nominate conservative judges. It takes a man with conservative convictions to do that. Since Trump is convictionless, he will not nominate men and women with convictions.

So the blame for Trump winning or losing is on your shoulders, not mine. We had a conservative candidate, one who has a proven track record for actually defending and standing up for the Constitution. Yet, you thought he was too divisive. That’s fine. You had your reasons. But again, don’t blame me if I choose not to vote for your candidate. We had the opportunity to put someone in office who would make sure that the First, Second, and the rest of the Amendments were held in tact. But alas, you rejected him.

Just don’t try and say it is our fault because we won’t vote for that adulterous perverse, baby killing, godless, and God-hater of a man. This is your fault for not being more discerning and supporting a man with a proven record on bringing us back to the Constitution. Next time, if there is one, you might actually make a wiser choice and go with a candidate that actually has read the Constitution instead of this blow hard you are putting forth. What does darkness have to do with light? As far as I’m concerned, nothing.


Timothy J. Hammons



8 thoughts on “Trumpsters, Please Stop Trying To Guilt Us into Voting for Your Candidate.

  1. Why vote for any of these GOD haters???? They only say they are Christian to get the Christian vote, DAH.

    I don’t vote, cause no one has enough character for me to even want to leave my home and make my mark. They are liars, immoral, baby killing, GOD haters. Yeah, just what Christians want to vote for. Thank heaven JESUS is soon returning, my vote is for HIM only.

    I am not judging what others do, that is their business.


  2. Timothy, I share your sentiments. I think there is some idol worship or cult following going on in peoples mind about Trump. They act as though he is going to do miracles with the economy and every area of our lives, which scares me because of Exodus 20; 3-5

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  3. The fact that you have had to even write this open letter shows what a bad state we ALREADY are in as a country. Yes, people actually do believe that Trump is sincere even while they know he’s not. Holding two contradictory ideas in one’s head at the same time is not the mark of intelligence.

    Marilyn, you pegged it.



  4. I will do whatever it takes to prevent Hillary from becoming President. Trump my be a bad president but the Republicans in the House and Senate have given the Dems every thing they wanted and haven’t fought Obama on anything. Hillary will be a disaster there is no reason to believe that the Republicans in Congress will do anything other than kiss her ass like the did Obama’s. NEVER, NEVER HILLARY!


  5. YES! #nevertrump
    Reading the Bible’s description of a godless man sounds soooo familiar, so like a candidate that’s being foisted upon us. No, I refuse to support him because my conscience won’t allow me to. I’m not falling for their lies–they ALWAYS say, “You have to vote for the Republican you don’t like so we can fight those evil Democrats.” And we’ve voted these milquetoasts into office, and what did they do? They stabbed us in the back. My mama didn’t raise no fool.


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