The Pope Embraces Universalism

The pope of the Roman Catholic Church, recently made an admission that is rather startling: he said that no one is actually condemned forever, since it was contrary to the gospel. Here is his quote:

“No one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!” the exhortation says. He adds that he is speaking not only of the divorced and remarried, “but of everyone, in whatever situation they find themselves.”

This was found in his paper on The Joy of Love, a treatise that many have shown to be quite ambiguous, in which the pope is saying that it is OK for those who are divorced to come back to the church and receive holy communion. Remember that Roman Catholics believe that marriage is a sacrament, so to break that union, is to commit a heavy-duty sin which results in those who are divorced being barred from communion. It is basically excommunication. (I don’t have a problem with the pope changing his church’s teaching on the way it views those who have gone through a divorce. So often, especially in a day in which there is no-fault divorce, people go through divorces that they don’t want. Why excommunicate them if that happens?)

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