Walvoord & Zuck Finally Got Cut!

One of the drawbacks to having to move a lot, besides having to move a lot, is the unending quest to lighten the load. Because of that, my library has been shrinking a lot over the past several years. The latest scuttling of books came a few weeks ago as I worked to move all of our extra goods out of our storage unit into two smaller closets here in the apartment complex in which we live.

I was going through some boxes of books from my pastoral library trying to decide if there were any that I could live without and came across Walvoord & Zuck’s Bible Knowledge Commentary. This commentary is like the unofficial commentary of Dallas Theological Seminary, given that most of the writers for the commentary were DTS profs at the time it was written. It was also one of the first commentaries that I purchased before heading off to DTS in the summer of 1993. Given that I have owned it for such a long period of time, you would think that I would have used it quite often.


Like a lot of things DTS produces, and the mindset that stems from the way they study Scripture, I’ve always considered it as dry as day old toast. They love to be technical in their Biblical discussions and forget to be pastoral. Not that the BKC was all technical. I just never found it very pastoral like J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. Ryle not only discusses some of the problems with the texts in question, but more importantly, he remembers he is a pastor first. Therefore his commentaries are of the most use for the church.

So I pitched the BKC. I’m no longer carrying it around from one move to another. It is amazing what you can live without.


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  1. Interesting. That was my first commentary series I owned in 1999. I was a young Christian who just got saved and asked this Pentecostal pastor questions that he can’t answered and eventually he gave the NT volume to me. I ate it up as a young Christian and it was the first commentary I finished. I agree with you there is a quality of differences between that and Ryle’s or other commentaries. Nowadays my volume just sits there in my library and I can understand you needing to cut it out =)

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