The Problem with Ted Cruz


While Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, is the best candidate in the race, he has one big problem. I know I would get a hearty “amen” from the Trump supporters, but you will find no sympathy here. Your man is not worth voting for.

However, Cruz is a man of integrity and character. He is not without flaws, but he is still a man worthy of the office of the President of the United States. His problem actually lies in his strength, not in his weakness. He is a strong supporter of the Constitution. This is the reason that I like him, and the reason many others are hoping he gets the nomination. He values the Constitution over and above political expediency. He believes that many of the problems our country has right now could be resolved by returning to the principles the founding fathers of this country, who gave us in the Constitution, a document intended to limit government and protect the rights of the individual.

I believe that is what would be best for this country. But because of the nature of mankind, it is also one of the biggest problems the country faces. When we think of returning to the principles found in the Constitution, we make the mistake of thinking that we are turning to something that can save us from our current downward spiral, politically, morally, and economically. We make the mistake of thinking that it was the Constitution that made this country great. We think that this document, in all it’s glory, can save us from our current plight.

The Constitution cannot do that for us. This is the mistake many make in hoping we get a Constitutional president. We believe that we will be returning to the glory days of what this country once was because the Constitution is based on biblical principles. True, this may be one of the reasons that the Constitution has stood for as long as it has. But we must recognize that something based on biblical principles does not mean that the thing itself has any power.

In fact, the Constitution by its very nature, is powerless because it is law (not God’s moral Law, like the Ten Commandments) but law nonetheless. If the Ten Commandments are powerless to save us, then the Constitution is even more so. The Constitution is merely a contract between the people and their government. It is no more than that. If we are an immoral people, without a biblical framework in which to live, the Constitution will not be honored as it is meant to be.

This is why the idea of turning third-world countries into democracies never works. The people in those countries often lack the biblical framework necessary to submit to the Constitution as it was intended. Without a populace that willingly follows the laws of the land, and a government that willingly restrains itself by its Constitution, then the document is simply an empty contract.

Given the fallen nature of our country, and the country’s outright rejection of the Bible, the God of the Bible, and the principles found therein, the Constitution will not work as it was intended. Those who are to be restrained by it will simply ignore it. And it has been ignored by our government for quite some time.

This should not surprise us. I have witnessed, even in the body of Christ, those who do not live by their own church’s constitutions. I have seen men who (having taken oaths to uphold them) ignore bylaws, books of church order, the Holy Scriptures, etc., for the purpose of expediency…and all in the name of Christ.  If such is true inside the church, how much more so outside the church? Vows mean nothing in our country. Contracts mean nothing. Oaths mean nothing. Therefore the Constitution, powerless is it is, cannot save us, nor return us to any level of greatness, if greatness is what this nation has ever had.

This does not mean I will not vote for Cruz. May God be gracious to us and give us a president that will adhere to the laws of the land. But that will not turn us around morally, politically, or economically. We need God’s rich mercy for that. Sadly, far too many people are clueless when it comes to the living and true God of the Scriptures.



4 thoughts on “The Problem with Ted Cruz

  1. What are the alternatives? I mean, what is our duty? What can the Church do? What can and should Christians do? Is our job just to wait for God to breath life on our land (Ex 37)? Or is there something for us to do?

    Though God is the primary, does he not work through secondaries? Shall we therefore not get up and do SOMETHING? Yes, it is true the US organic Constitution, in and of itself, cannot save us. But is not a return to that a step in the right direction? Is not the original US organic Constitution full of moral and just laws which uphold the moral law of God? If I recollect, all the amendments were based from godly sermons.

    Also, if there is no value in resetting the US organic Constitution, what is our plan in regards to the State? Leave it to the Secularists? Leave it to the Atheists? Is pluralism doing a good job?
    As for nations, is it not the duty of nations in the State to uphold the law of God? They bear the sword for a good purpose (Rom 13), and that purpose will bring a blessing on that nation that upholds the moral law of God (Ps 33:12). How else is the State to use the sword, if not by the moral law of God, the 10 commandments?

    How do kings and queens become nursing fathers and mothers of the Church? Does the answer have anything to do with the removal from the reformed confessions of the duty of kings to protect the Church?


    • You ask good questions, Curtis. But it is a HUGE assumption that God will one day “breathe life on our land.” Thinking back to Sodom…the remnant was removed and Sodom was destroyed. I think we do what we can (vote for Cruz or another constitutional candidate) to return the rule of law (the Constitution) to the land. What we don’t do is cast our vote for the “lesser of two evils” OR place our hope in the restoration of this country. Our hope is in the LORD alone.


      • Yes…our help is in the Lord alone. 100%…not in men…but our Lord is going to reset this world, and America IS going to bow to Christ (Ps 2). We are on the eve of the Millennial Kingdom, when the nations will become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ. Rev David Silversides has some excellent sermons on Sermon Audio on the millennial kingdom. He ties Ez 37 to Rev 20…and this was the Puritan Hope. Its not some new teaching in the Church. The most godly men who drew up the Westminster standards, held this view of the future.


  2. Legislation steers national ships like an udder. Roe VS Wade was used for satan to make an inroad in legislation to murder 60 million unborn children. Whereas the Constitution goes in another direction than the Roe VS Wade courtroom. Does it not?


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