Done With Discount Tires

Heidi took the Saturn in to have the tires rotated on Friday at Discount Tires. I’ve been using Discount Tires since I lived in Roswell, NM, back in May 2013. Back then, as I was driving back to Roswell one late evening, one of the tires that I got with the car began to disintegrate. I had to change it and limp back to a friends parents home to spend the evening. The next day is when I began my foray into the abusive relationship that one has with Discount Tires.

You know this relationship if you are a customer. They treat you so nicely and promise you free tire rotations and balancing, and even throw in free coffee and water while you wait. You buy their tires because they are sold at a “discount?” and you are promised things like “60,000 miles” of pain free driving.

But then, when you take them in after only 25,000 miles of driving on them, you find that the good folks at Discount Tire will not rotate them because of the uneven wear and tear. In fact, it’s so bad that you need to buy new tires. But the good news is that since you only drove 25,000 miles on these 60,000 mile tires, they are going to give you “another” discount on the tires you are now going to shell out $450 for, which seems about the same price you paid for the 60,000 mile tires that only lasted 25,000 miles. But wait, there is more! The new tires they are going to put on your car for the next round of $450 will last 90,000 miles as opposed to 60,000.

So let’s recap: new tires in May 2013. Those tires wear out and in the summer of 2014, I buy the next set. Here we are in February of 2016 and my lovely bride tells me they will not rotate the tires because of the excessive wear and tear, after only 35,000 miles. Remember, these are the 90,000 mile tires.

Guess what, I’m now a Firestone customer.


2 thoughts on “Done With Discount Tires

  1. “So let’s recap:”. Pun intended?

    Mike Oliver

    PS: Sounds at least partially like an alignment problem. Of what nature? – TBD.

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    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, there is an alignment problem, but the man at Firestone said if it were his car, he wouldn’t spend the money trying to fix it. It was only a slight misalignment and I could compensate by rotating the tires every 4,000 miles instead of every 5,000 miles. Sounds like a great plan to me. 🙂


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