Done With Discount Tires

Heidi took the Saturn in to have the tires rotated on Friday at Discount Tires. I’ve been using Discount Tires since I lived in Roswell, NM, back in May 2013. Back then, as I was driving back to Roswell one late evening, one of the tires that I got with the car began to disintegrate. I had to change it and limp back to a friends parents home to spend the evening. The next day is when I began my foray into the abusive relationship that one has with Discount Tires.

You know this relationship if you are a customer. They treat you so nicely and promise you free tire rotations and balancing, and even throw in free coffee and water while you wait. You buy their tires because they are sold at a “discount?” and you are promised things like “60,000 miles” of pain free driving.

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Don’t Count on Deathbed Conversions

J.C. Ryle writes that Judas Iscariot’s repentance, after betraying Christ, was too late. In our day, we have become accustomed to thinking that one can repent at any time in our lives, but when we look at the life and death of Judas Iscariot, we see that his repentance was too late, and the remorse he experienced was not repentance unto salvation. Here are Ryle’s words:

It is a common saying, ‘that it is never to late to repent.’ The saying, no doubt, is true, if repentance be true; but unhappily late repentance is often not genuine. It is possible for a man to feel his sins, and be sorry for them, — to be under strong convictions of guilt, and express deep remorse, — to be pricked in conscience, and exhibit much distress of mind, — and yet, for all this, not repent with his heart. Present danger, or the fear of death, may account for all his feelings, and the Holy Ghost may have done no work whatever in his soul.

We must not think of repentance as a work that we perform. Unless the Holy Spirit is moving in our hearts, making us a new creation, all the remorse we can conjure up for our sins will do us no good. Repentance is a means of grace because it takes the Holy Spirit enabling us to truly repent (and believe) in the first place. Lots of people have remorse over their sinfulness, but that is not repentance that leads unto life. This is the example we see with Judas Iscariot. He was truly sorry for what he had done, but it was not repentance unto life and he remains known to this day as the son of Perdition (John 17:12).

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