Dear World

Dear World,

I saw your little letter to us and found it quite fascinating. I readily admit that for many of us, we struggle with you. You have been quite clever in coming up with ways to distract us from our purpose in life and our goals. After all, I was even captivated by your statement, “he who dies with the most toys, wins.” You are far more clever than we are. But you forget yourself.

Remember, that our Savior has overcome you. You work double-overtime, but since we belong to Him, you will never completely have your way with us. Yes, we do admit, your lure is strong. But Our Savior’s love, grace and Spirit are even stronger. You may entice us for a time, but the longer we walk with Him, the more we see you for the shallow satisfaction that you truly are. You can never really satisfy us. Even if we have all that you have to offer, that offer is empty and short lived.

I tell you this because my LORD has said that nothing can remove us from His love, and He’s right. Not even you.

What? You say that you have lured many of our fellow brothers away time and time again? No, you have not. You have only lured away those who belonged to you already. If a brother is a true brother, your temptations will be short lived and fail to satisfy. Our Savior told us this in the parable of the prodigal son. Remember that man went and experienced the fullness of what you have to offer, and ended up living with the pigs. When you think about it, living with the pigs is really all you have to offer, so why would we bother when my King has promised me to be a co-heir in the Kingdom. Please note, the Kingdom me and my fellow Christians will be a part of is not like one of your kingdoms. His Kingdom shall never end, never perish, never grow old.

All the kingdoms you have, will perish in a short time. It may not happen in my lifetime, or in another lifetime, but it will happen. And as our LORD has shared with us in John’s apocalyptic letter to the church, He is not the one who will end up destroying you. Your own wicked master is the one that will end up destroying you. Remember who he is, he is the Destroyer and destruction is at the center of his being.

O what irony. You spend your entire existence serving him, and he ends up killing you. Knowing this helps us really see that even what you have to offer is perishing. The smell of death is already about you. No matter how many coats of makeup you place on yourself, you are still the whore of Babylon. You are useful to your master for a short time. But in the end, you will be cast aside for the whore that you are.

So keep on trying to entice us. But know your attempts will end in failure. All you have to offer is dung in the end. My master has His glory and fellowship to offer. I will take the sufferings I experience at your hands, for His glory, any day.

Good luck. I press on with my Master.


One saved by His grace


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