Happy New Year from “The Flesh!”

In trying to say that I wanted my readers to have spiritual growth for the New Year, I was hit with the idea of what The World, The Flesh, and The Devil would want for us in the coming year. This is part two of that series. You can read the first one by clicking here. This one focuses on what our enemy, The Flesh, would want from you in the coming year.

Dear Christian,

For the coming year, I simply want you to become a better you! That is not so evil now is it? Who can argue with such logic? Well, let me explain how I want you to become a better you. I might even tell you why in the process.

First, I want you to spend lots of time on your body, after all, bodily exercise profits a great deal. That is quoted straight from the Bible, so you can take it from me, spend hour upon hour working in the gym, running on the road, being a lover of self as you keep your body in tip-top shape. In doing so, you won’t notice that those around you are still dying at a rate of one death per person. Just ignore the fact that your body is perishable and will eventually be put in the earth, or cremated if you are more environmentally minded (don’t want to pollute the earth with your remains).

But in the meantime, keep working out. This is the beginning of “the better you” that you can become. Make sure you take lots of selfies and post it to Facebook so that your friends can admire you too! No need to be selfish! Haha! In fact, you can actually become quite altruistic in your pursuits if you become a marathon runner. Then you can run for all kinds of just causes, like breast cancer, in your pursuit for the perfect body. And my mistress, The World, thought she had a corner on self-righteousness. You can focus on yourself and help save people. O that is so funny, haha!

Next, in your pursuit of becoming a better you, you need to change your diet. Yes, by focusing on paying ridiculous prices for things like organic lettuce you will make your body is so healthy that you will never have to worry about cancer ever again. Make sure you pay the extra dollars for the foods that help you lower your cholesterol, antioxidants, and all manner of other things. This way you will have complete control of your health. Remember that you are the captain of your soul! No one can shape your destiny but you! Just follow your heart!

See, The World thinks she is the only clever one in our endeavors. Heck, I’ve been operating a lot longer than she has and I’ve come up with quite a few doozies to fool the masses. Remember this one? “The Lord helps those who help themselves?” That one is all mine! And another one, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!” Yup, that one is mine too. Look at how they appeal to…me? When you follow me, there is no telling where we will end up together. The entire goal is to satisfy…me! In doing so, you will find all kinds of happiness, in fact, that is the goal, to be happy, healthy, and wise (in my eyes of course).

So follow your heart in all your endeavors, especially in taking care of your temple! (O how I love to twist that one around!).

Next, focus on pleasing me. If something is pleasing to the eyes, go for it. In fact, just continue on in all the viewing you do now and you will be pleasing me. Have you noticed that most of your hours are spent feeding the lust of the eyes in one form or another? I love that. It is so satisfying to flip from one screen to another. You can feel self-righteous when you see how evil other people are. You can satisfy your desire for violence by watching violent movies. Your sexual desires can be indulged as well. Just flip to the right sites, and you will see plenty of photos that show just enough to satisfy me, at least for the moment. You can even be self-righteous about it by telling yourself that you are not really looking at these things, especially if you are at “conservative” web site that displays them. Look at YOU! You are feeding your self-righteous desires by playing the “conservative” with a cause, and satisfying me all at the same time. I may give my mistress The World a hard time, but you can’t beat us when we work together.

In fact, her systems of control actually do feed me. Her systems of government, academics, commerce, religion, are all designed to feed me and me alone! It’s great how things work isn’t it? You think you are pursuing more noble causes and pursuits, but much of the time, you are doing nothing but satisfying me.

Just look at any case where someone is unjustly prosecuted. The prosecutors do so because they think they have a just cause, because their flesh tells them so. The truth matters not one bit. What matters is satisfying me, and O how we love to use self-righteous anger to satisfy ourselves.

Do I lie to you, you ask? Absolutely. I will lie to you every chance I get, because I seek to be satisfied at every turn, every moment, every encounter. The last thing you ever want to do is to deny me at any point. I know that ancient book says your Leader tells you to deny yourself, but as The World so graciously told you, this is the twenty-first century. We need not bother ourselves with self denial.

This is why worldly systems, so crafted by The World and Lucifer, are set on feeding Me. It is, after all, all about Me. So please…go forth and satisfy me in the coming year. I will be glad you did, and so will you…for the moment. But worry not, there is always one more tantalizing satisfaction just around the corner. That is the way I operate.

Happy New Year!

The Flesh!