Happy New Year from “The Flesh!”

In trying to say that I wanted my readers to have spiritual growth for the New Year, I was hit with the idea of what The World, The Flesh, and The Devil would want for us in the coming year. This is part two of that series. You can read the first one by clicking here. This one focuses on what our enemy, The Flesh, would want from you in the coming year.

Dear Christian,

For the coming year, I simply want you to become a better you! That is not so evil now is it? Who can argue with such logic? Well, let me explain how I want you to become a better you. I might even tell you why in the process.

First, I want you to spend lots of time on your body, after all, bodily exercise profits a great deal. That is quoted straight from the Bible, so you can take it from me, spend hour upon hour working in the gym, running on the road, being a lover of self as you keep your body in tip-top shape. In doing so, you won’t notice that those around you are still dying at a rate of one death per person. Just ignore the fact that your body is perishable and will eventually be put in the earth, or cremated if you are more environmentally minded (don’t want to pollute the earth with your remains).

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