Top 2015 Posts For the Year: Posts 10-6

As the year wraps up, we are getting close to the end of my Top 25 posts for 2015. Here are posts 10-6:

10. 5 Things I wish Every Congregation Knew. This comes from my time as a pastor and in view of a fellow pastor being run off because he dared preach the full counsel of God’s word. I know. I listened to enough of his sermons to know he was a solid preacher who was being faithful to his calling. If more congregations would think deeply on these issues, we would have less turnover in the pulpit.

9. Top 5 Abused Bible Verses. This post focuses on those verses that are ripped out of context to mean just about everything for every situation.

8. 7 Celebrities Destined for Hell When They Die. What can you say? If someone denies Christ, then what are we to conclude? There is no hope for them outside of Christ, therefore, they are destined for hell if the LORD does not intervene and rescue them from their plight.

7. We Cry Abba/Father, Not Daddy! This covers a sickening trend I’ve noticed among some who address God the Father as “daddy.”

6. Ishmael, Blessed but Not Chosen. This one gets a lot of action because Muslims love to come to it and try and debate me over the issue. However…I have turned off the comments for this post! Ha ha!

Posts 1-5 are scheduled for tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Top 2015 Posts For the Year: Posts 10-6

  1. I am reading your Top 25 Posts for 2015 and am really enjoying some that I had not seen before. In the post about Ishmael, are you saying that the Muslim faith came from him? There is a whole lot that I do not know, so this was news to me.

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    • Hi Jeanette, no, Ishmael was blessed, but he didn’t start a false religion. It is Mohammed’s claim the true line comes through Ishmael. So he M is a false prophet and the one who made up the religion of Islam out of thin air. There is no basis for his beliefs in Scripture.


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