Top 2015 Posts For the Year: Posts 15-11

The year is quickly coming to an end and I am looking over the posts that made my Top 25 during 2015. As we close out the year, here are posts 15-11.

15. The Church Does Not Need Christian Radio. This was another one of those controversial ones because you either realize that Christian radio is superfluous to the ministry of the church, or  you are caught up in the emotions that you have for a particular radio station. People do not realize that the church was just fine without Christian radio for 1900 years.

14. Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve. Another post looking at the death of my brother, Stokely Hammons. It addresses the feelings many have in losing someone they love. We want to go back in time and change something so that our loved ones would still be with us. But we cannot, and must trust in God’s sovereign hand.

13. Top 10 Most Noble Jobs in the World. Ten jobs that no one wants to do, but are necessary for society to function.

12. The Offense of the Cross. The message of the gospel is offensive to those who have yet to believe, because they trust in their own perception of their goodness. The cross confronts people on their goodness and shows that no matter what they do, they are not good enough to merit God’s favor.

11. 7 Celebrities Who Don’t Believe in God. The surprising aspect of this post is that the list of celebrities was not surprising. They are boring atheists at best, not even worth quoting.

Top posts 10-6 will be posted tomorrow.


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