Top 2015 Posts For the Year: Posts 25-21

It is that time again, when we look back over the past year to see our accomplishments. For me personally, this is truly a wonderful exercise given how the LORD has worked in my life in the past year. A year ago, I was single, barely employed, and living with family. Now, I’m married to a wonderful woman, teaching urchins in the public schools, and currently looking for a house to buy. God’s hand has really been evident.

I have also seen some major accomplishments with my blog. Two major milestones were reached, the first was that this year has been the most popular since moving to WordPress back in 2010. The site crested more that 70,000 hits for the year and is currently approaching  77,000 hits.

We also saw an all-time milestone as well. Just a few weeks ago, the site crested 300,000 hits all-time. That is more than a quarter million hits. Maybe next year… well, just have to wait and see.

With that, I thought I would give you the Top 25 posts for the year, starting with posts 25-21. This will exclude counts on my “homepage” and “about” page since those are not exactly blog posts. Here are the first five:

25. Do Calvinists Put God in a Box? This post discusses the often used attack against Calvinism that says we Calvinists put God in a box in our defense of the faith. We agree that we do so, but the box is defined by Scripture. Ultimately, the box is defined by God Himself as it describes His nature. He cannot be anything other than what He is, and what He has revealed to us in Scripture.

24. Andy Stanley Proves His False Teacher Status Once Again. This post was put together after Stanley was caught saying how wonderful it was when the families with gay men in them came together…the same men who left their wives and children, to live in debauchery. It had a YouTube video associated with it, but apparently Stanley’s minions have had the video pulled.

23. Top 10 Reasons I Hate Christmas Shopping. I wrote this several years ago and apparently, it rings true for quite a number of people.

22. Tyndale Pulls Books, But Should Repent Along With the Rest of the Church. This one focuses on the fact that Christians bookstores will publish “anything” as long as it sells. Never mind what the Bible says. This is one reason I’m in the habit of saying that if a book is popular at the Christian bookstore, then don’t waste your money on it. Bad theology sells. Good theology cannot be given away.

21. Oreo Cookies: Top 10, 11, 12…25 Ways to Eat Them. This is the second most popular food post on my blog.

Posts 20-16 will run tomorrow.


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