Snow White and the Abortion Queen

I took my class through the original Snow White by the Brothers Grimm a few weeks ago and it was amazing to see how they responded when they found out the original story was about a queen and her daughter, not a step-mother/daughter combination that we are given in the Disney presentation.

For those who do not know the story, the queen is very beautiful and in a moment of vanity, she wishes for a daughter as beautiful as she is. She gets her wish and gets a daughter that is far superior to her in the looks department. The magic mirror claims that the queen is quite fair, but doesn’t compare to the beauty of Snow White.

The queen then plots to kill her own daughter by having her taken into the woods and put to death. The queen is so depraved in her desire that she tells the hunter who is to kill her, to bring Snow White’s liver to her, so she can cook it up and eat it.

It is as this point that my sixth graders were in absolute revulsion against the queen, as they should be. “How could she kill her own daughter over looks?” These sixth graders know the truth. What the queen wants to do is an abomination.

What is lost on them is that they have clearer moral compasses than our society does. What I could not tell the sixth graders is that we have a society full of women just like this queen. They have their sons and daughters served up in the abortion mills for the same vain reasons as the queen in Snow White. These women want to retain their looks and not be burdened by someone who might be a tad bit more beautiful than they are.

I know the abortion-minded young lass wants to claim that the child in her womb is not a real person, but science still proves otherwise. Life begins at conception and  women who put their children to death so that they are not burdened with caring for them are no better than the wicked queen in Snow White.

I wanted to tell my sixth graders about this reality. But wisdom dictated that I remain silent. Most of these children would not have been able to hear it. Maybe some day they will see the gruesome parallel between Snow White’s mother and so many of the women in our country. Maybe the girls themselves will see the parallel as well, and turn away from the deadly practice.

Yes, having children means giving up the perfect body for another being. Yet, that is what true sacrificial love is. It is putting others first, and the women in our culture need to be reminded of this truth.



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  1. Psst! You wrote, “The queen is so depraved in her desire that he tells the hunter who is to kill her, to bring Snow White’s live to her, so she can cook it up and eat it.” I think you meant “liver”.


    • Hi Stan, thanks for alerting me to the typos. I knew there would be some because when this article posted this morning, my lovely bride and editor said, “I haven’t read that one yet.” Immediately I knew it would have some problems. 🙂

      She is trying to keep up with my modest publishing pace and I’m grateful she is gifted in this area. One can never edit themself… 🙂


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  3. Hello Timothy,

    I just wanted to say that I was confused by this post. I’m not sure what’s being argued. Women who get abortions because they’re afraid of losing their ‘beauty’? Or women who simply choose to do so because they cannot be ‘burdened’ by caring for them? Considering that you take several broad statements, without any thought of delving deeper into the situation, reflects a lack of a deeper investigation into our culture. And how this impacts christians in terms of what the bible/scripture says in response?

    I am disappointed to see that there is clearly a bias here, as reflected by the narrow scope of this post. To assume abortion-minded young women are prone to think that the child in her womb is not real, immediately places blame on ‘young women’. What places these women in these situations in the first place? How do these circumstances factor into a woman’s choice to keep or end the pregnancy? How can God impact these lives before women feel as if there is no choice but to abort the child, because she is led to believe there are no other options? (economic hardships, partner difficulties (female single parents, who are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in our societies) , and unreadiness for parenting.)

    To place blame on people who may be at their darkest, most vulnerable points in their lives seems to be contradictory to God’s love (aren’t we all sinners?). That being said, it’s good to know what’s sinful…

    If you meant to compare abortion in a broad sense to Snow White, I am sad to see that you did not investigate more into this issue. But if you purely meant to point out women who do it purely for beauty reasons, then I can see where you’re coming from.

    Nonetheless, I don’t profess to be right or wrong. I just wanted to point out that taking these views without really digging deeper makes this post appear superficial. Flakey, and without substance. And that diving deeper could possibly help women work out their inner demons, before they feel cornered, and then blamed for what’s already been done. But that’s just my opinion.



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  5. Timothy,

    Interesting post.

    Why do you think women choose to have abortions?

    You said it is because “[they] want to retain their looks and not be burdened by someone who might be a tad bit more beautiful than they are.”

    Do you think that holds true for every abortion?

    Also, you accuse women of serving “their sons and daughters…up in the abortion mills for the same vain reasons as the queen in Snow White.” Don’t forget the men in your accusations and judgment. I supported a woman’s decision to abort my son or daughter.

    You never truly know your moral compass until you are forced to use it by yourself. Ignorance is bliss.

    I remain.


    • Furthermore, *conceived,* not only were you complicit in murder by supporting the aborting of your son or daughter, you proved that you are but a shadow of true manhood. Real men protect, provide for, and care for their children and their women. Questioning someone else’s commitment to God’s standards (“you never truly know your moral compass until you are forced to use it…”) does not obviate your failure to live up to them.


      • Heidi,

        I know there are countless religions, organizations, and people that will pass judgment on me and my transgressions. They will say, “God’s law condemns you. Repent and turn to Christ.”
        The words below were written in my first blog post for a reason.

        “I do not ask for forgiveness. That is between me and my maker…
        …I do not ask for understanding. Your judgment has no value in this life. ”

        I appreciate your persecution, but please open your eyes. As you pray for me, I’ll pray for you.

        I am glad that you have been able to live how you have. I do not know your story, but I’ve read a bit of both your blogs. I always try to humbly replace my ignorance with familiarity.

        My journey has been one that you do not know. It is a journey that began decades ago. I wouldn’t wish my pains on anyone.

        I was not questioning “someone else’s commitment to God’s standards.” If you think I did, please point out where. I hope your husband and family continue placing strength in Scripture. As Timothy pointed out, he is guided by that moral compass.

        Unlike many in today’s society, I do not judge. I accept our human condition. I try to constantly improve and prevent error. But yes, I am a shadow of a true man. We are all here to aspire to our full purpose. That is why I am on my personal search for my own moral compass.

        Do not push people away from your beliefs. Love and support everyone. We are all in this struggle together.

        I remain.


  6. Timothy, 6th graders already know what abortion is ! The Middle School in AR – which had 5th and 6th graders- had and has pregnant students !! The had refers to at least 15 years ago.


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