Johnny Manziel Needs to Grow Up

I know, we were all enamored with Johnny Manziel four years ago. His haphazard style of play, helped him defeat powerhouse Alabama on the road and led to him being the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. We thought that there would never be anyone like him again on the field.

Now, four years later, every time I hear the name Johnny Manziel, I cringe. While he brought a lot of attention to Texas A&M University, along with the Heisman Trophy, I think most Aggies would confess that Manziel has been an embarrassment ever since. He is like a 16 year old with no restraint. He thinks life’s best moments are tied up in standing at a bar with frat boys getting plastered and shouting how plastered they are getting. He thinks the life that is best, is that of a drunken frat boy and shouting “dude!” He is empty headed.

Manziel’s latest escapade into a bar cost him the starting QB position with the Cleveland Browns. He had been named the starting QB, but once it was discovered that he was once again, acting like a child under the influence of lots of alcohol and the testosterone crowd at a light-night establishment, the coaches benched him. You can see the video here.

The good thing is that I don’t think people associate him with Texas A&M University any longer. He has been in the NFL long enough that most people will forget the connection. At least we can say, “He is no longer our circus, nor our monkey.”

Just one more point, let this be a lesson to the Heisman Trophy select committee: don’t select freshman any longer. Manziel’s selection clearly has gone to his head, and there is not much there for him to deal with the fame he has been given. He completely lacks the maturity to play in the NFL. He is without any level of wisdom or understanding. Ultimately, he is a fool in the worst sense.

Maybe he will begin to learn from the long-string of mistakes he has made in his life and grow up. If I could say anything to him at all, it would be just that: “Please, grow up! The gangsta frat life is not working out well for you or anyone else.”

BTW: For those who have been coming to my blog just recently, please note that I do occasionally write about sports. If you are bored with this post, I understand.