There was a moment of silence and then a Christ-less prayer. There were thoughts for the lost and those in grief. We have been through these emotions and actions a hundred times in the past 14 years since 9/11. It is always the same. We genuflect, we decry the atrocity, and head right back to the mall to pick up the latest bauble.

It will all happen again, and here in the United States, as long as we continue to pray to the generic god above and fail to repent in our hearts here below. I say this because I had the opportunity to sit through a moment of silence and a Christ-less prayer at the Texas A&M football game on Saturday night. My wife and I respectfully stood during the silence, and remained silent as a female student led us in a Christ-less prayer. She did pray to the Father in heaven, but I’m not sure if that was the same Father of the Triune God. There was nothing in her prayer that made that clear.

Of course, the prayer fell short as far as I was concerned. The only Mediator we have between God and man is Jesus Christ and if we are not coming to the Father in righteousness procured by the Son on the Cross, then we are not coming to the one true God. I know, using the name of Jesus in a prayer is offensive to Muslims (as if there were any at the game), but it is also offensive to Muslims for women to pray, and to pray to god as father. But that is lost on the generic-god crowd.

So we paint our Facebook profile pictures with the French flag, we have our moments of silence, we say our empty prayers, then go on about our day. What is  necessary is for those of us who are believers to pray that God would raise up men who will preach the gospel with conviction and zeal, like the zeal that Peter had on the Day of Pentecost. We need men who will call out sinners, as broods of vipers, like John the Baptist did on the side of the Jordan. We need men who are not afraid to call evil what it is, and declare the remedy to that evil: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We do not need more Christ-less prayer vigils. We do not need more understanding of Islam. They are lost, sinners who hate the living and true God and who want nothing more than to destroy Christians and the West. We need prayer for more faithful preachers and the conviction to use the sword when necessary. It’s time to use the sword now so that we can also preach the gospel to a dying world.

But I know these words will fall flat with the generic-god crowd. They are too busy jumping through useless hoops to soothe the guilt they have on the way to the mall.


4 thoughts on “#PrayForParis

  1. How about praying for Paris – and every other locale – to see through the humanistic nonsense of multiculturalism, stop persecuting Christians who speak out for Christ and commit other politically incorrect thought-crimes, and start to see themselves as sinners in the hands of an angry God?


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