Going Kyle Field!

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The crowd noise was deafening as the Gamecocks made their way toward the south end of the field. The Aggies’ defense had held the Gamecocks in check for two plays, then on the third play, the Gamecocks broke through for a 25-yard gain. They picked up another gain on the next play to the Aggies 40-yard line. It seemed they were going to score with how easily they moved the ball. Every time the quarterback set up under his center, the crowd just got louder.

I leaned over to Heidi so she could hear me above the noise of the crowd, “we’re due for a turnover.”

A few seconds later, Donovan Wilson intercepted the ball and ran it 60-yards for a touchdown, Aggies took a 35-21 lead. Kyle Field erupted and I couldn’t help but laugh that I made that call.

Heidi and I had the entire weekend to ourselves. No work, no boys, just the two of us. So I got some tickets to the A&M-USC game on Flashseats, and we headed south early Saturday morning. She has been to A&M, but never to a game. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or her.

We arrived a bit late and made the hike up Kyle Mountain to our seats in the south end zone. Most people don’t like sitting in the end zones. But those are people who have never experienced a game from there. In the end zone, you can see the plays developing before your eyes. It’s is a great view for the game. By the time we settled in for the morning, the Aggies were in the lead, 7-0. By halftime, the score was 21-21.

I’ve told people that you need to experience one game at Kyle Field. There is no better crowd to do so with, and with their new multi-billion dollar stadium, the experience is even more impressive. The entire stadium is designed for every whoop, every A!, every burp to be funneled down on the field so it can be the loudest in the country, and it is. The new field was designed just like the one where the Seattle Seahawks play and their field is known as the loudest in the NFL. Both fields have the same architects.

While it was extremely loud where we were, up in the third deck, I can only imagine the noise on the field when the Aggies were screaming at their loudest. South Carolina’s offense looked like they were struggling to audible, and that is the goal. Make opponents hear you. It make the fans as much a part of the game as the… well… water boys. I don’t want to give too much credit. The Aggies still have to win the home games, but it does help when the other team is unable to hear each other over the noise.

As for Heidi? She is full-blooded maroon. She was duly impressed with the Fightin’ Texas Aggies Band and many of the traditions. Her only complaint: $10 for a bottle of water and bag of M&Ms. But that is the price of staying hydrated at a college football game.

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  1. Hi Timothy–
    I watched this game on TV last Saturday. I love the Aggies’ various cheers, and the Military Cadets, as they march into the stadium (led by “Reveille’, the beautiful Collie). How cool, that you and Heidi got to attend a game at the ‘new’ Kyle Field!

    Patricia Finnegan


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