Forced Thanksgiving

I remember finally being gathered around the dinner table on Thanksgiving day, ready to eat after smelling the food for hours on end, hungry beyond belief. Then came that dreaded statement: “Before we eat, let’s go around the table and tell what we are thankful for.”

It didn’t matter whether we were eating at my mother’s house, or my father’s house, it was the same. We hated that question. We didn’t want to sit there and come up with an answer while our food screamed at us that it was ready, beyond ready.

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More Thoughts on Suicide and the Jason Foundation

Recently I had to take some online training for being a teacher with the Jason Foundation. This prompted me to think about their claims that Suicide is a Bad Choice. In other words, when it comes to telling other children not to commit suicide, the best reason they could give was that it was a “bad choice.” They could not give any rationale for the reason it was a bad choice, which shows the emptiness of their worldview.

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Three Rules of Life

On Friday as I was teaching my sixth graders, one of them duly noted that there was another class outside playing in the field across the street from the school. They quickly declared that they wanted to go out there and play with them. I told them that we had work to do and we were not going to join the other class outside.

If you have spent five minutes with any child at all in you life, you know their next statement: “That’s not fair!”

My quick response was: “There are three truths you need to know for today. The first is that life is not fair. The second is that nothing is “free.” The third is that Santa Claus comes from the land of make believe!”

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25 Years of Being Led by Christ

CSLewisNovember 1990. Twenty five years ago, the Holy Spirit moved in my life, replaced my heart of stone, gave me a heart of flesh and led me to the Savior. It was 25 years ago that God’s rich and unfathomable grace, was poured into my life and I was rescued from Satan and the kingdom of darkness, and brought into the Kingdom of Light.

Up until that point, I had been a child of the world, living for myself, pursuing satisfaction of the flesh and loving the life of debauchery. By His grace, after hearing the gospel through my cousin Hank, a Missouri Synod preacher in Wichita Falls and Tommy Nelson at Denton Bible Church, I trusted in Christ for my salvation.

I remember the night clearly. I worked all day at the newspaper and got off around 11 p.m. I rushed home, grabbed a bite to eat and headed up to my room in the house I rented with a photographer from the paper at 1801 Pearl Avenue. I never saw my roommate, so it was pretty much like living alone. I sat down at the table I used for my desk in my room and begin doing what I had done every night for the previous two weeks, I read the Bible. The words were alive to me like never before.

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70,000 Hits!

Heidi and I were checking the stats for the year tonight and it was sitting and 69,980 hits. She said, “Do you want me to contact 20 of my closest friends?” and the blog counter jumped to more than 70,000. We both laughed.

What this means is that I have my best year since I started blogging back in 2005 and 2006 on this blog. My best year until this one was 2012, when I had 62,288 hits. I’m not sure I will be able to follow up with another year like this one, but will give it a go! It seems like I have written fewer posts, but with more impact. That seems to work well for me.

So… here is to 70,000 hits!


There was a moment of silence and then a Christ-less prayer. There were thoughts for the lost and those in grief. We have been through these emotions and actions a hundred times in the past 14 years since 9/11. It is always the same. We genuflect, we decry the atrocity, and head right back to the mall to pick up the latest bauble.

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Updated Blogroll

Updating my blogroll use to happen far more frequently than it does now. I think that was because I was able to spend more time on blogging, reading as well as writing. I can no longer do that. I have barely enough time to write any posts at all, much less keep up with all the blogs I’ve subscribed to. The only reason I’m doing it now is because I cannot sleep.

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My View on Holy Days

Just so I’m clear concerning holy days. I don’t believe the church should be celebrating any holy day that is not given to us in Scripture. The Scripture gives us 52 holy days a year, namely the LORD’s day, known as Sunday in these parts. This is our day to worship the Triune God and cease from our labors.

If you want to celebrate Christmas and Easter, go ahead. But the two holidays are not given to us in Scripture to do so. So two thoughts on these days. First, the reason we do not celebrate Easter, or should not, is because we already are celebrating Easter. By Easter I mean the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not pastels, bunny rabbits, egg hunts, candy and big hats for church. We celebrate the resurrection when we gather for worship on the LORD’s day, Sunday. The resurrection is also the reason why our holy day was shifted from the seventh day, Saturday, to the first day, Sunday. Jesus was raised up on the first day of the week, pointing toward the coming new heavens, new earth and new creation we become when we trust in Him for salvation. All of these reasons are solid enough to shift the day from the seventh to the first day of the week.

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Wow! Starbucks Aids Christian Couple In Spite of Pagan Coffee Cups

I remember years ago, wanting to get all my Christian friends together to boycott everything Disney because they were allowing for a Gay Pride day at Disney World. “How could this wholesome corporation, that was so family oriented, betray all those families by letting gay people have their own day?

That was my question. We needed to stop Disney. Then a brother, who was a bit wiser than me, pointed out that Disney was in Orlando and a lot of Christians actually worked for Disney. By boycotting Disney we would be hurting our dear brothers and sisters who made their living working for the godless corporation.

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Every Cross is a Message From God

CountryChurchOver and over again, Heidi and I are reminded that the Christian life, on this side of the cross, is a life of suffering and trials. It is clearly how the LORD intends to sanctify His people. We cannot shrink back from this reality, especially given that our Savior suffered on our behalf. We join Him in His sufferings when we suffer.

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Dysfunctional, Depressing and Desperate: The Three D’s That Lead to the Death of a Church

Edisto 012

I hate the smell of death inside a church. I have smelled it many times. The smell isn’t the same as the death of a person, or an animal that has expired inside the wall of a home, but it is very similar. The smell is actually more spiritual than it is physical. It goes beyond the senses of the flesh, to the point that only those who are spiritual can get any sense of it. It is the smell of ecclesiastical death.

Dysfunctional Leadership

Given that I have pastored churches that had the smell, I thought I would write about what the final death throws are concerning the church. They can be broken into three areas: a church in it’s final pains of death is desperate, depressing, and dysfunctional.

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Going With the Crowd


One of the greatest pulls on true Christians¬†on this side of glory is to go along with the crowd. It’s very seductive to do so because those in the crowd are saying how right and just it is to go with the crowd. We see this today in the hot topics like gay marriage, or transgenderism. Yet, as believers, we must declare that the Bible is our guide to our beliefs, practices, and lives. What the crowd believes is really quite foolish given what Jesus told us about those on the broad path.

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In Memory of Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson 001

Fred Thompson, senator, actor, presidential candidate died today. He was one of two candidates for president that came to Aiken, SC while I as there in 2008. I took this picture when he entered the pizza joint downtown to give his campaign speech. I knew after hearing him, that his heart wasn’t in the race at all. He came in third place in South Carolina and dropped out afterward.

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