62,285 and Growing

At some point on Monday morning, my blog passed the 62,284 mark for the year. That was the record for the number of hits this blog has received in any single year, specifically 2012. This means that my blog is in for a record year, given that we have 2 1/2 months left for the year.

 Thank you to all my readers. You keep coming back for more and more. Some have left, but that is normal. The fact that this blog has lasted as long as it has, is a testimony of God’s goodness to me. Just when I think I can no longer write, I write again. He opens the door for me to give away part of the truths He is teaching me and I count that as a blessing to the body of Christ.

The things I write are also a testimony of His grace to the world. Please don’t think that I think more of my blog than what it is. But I do know He calls His Jeremiah’s and Isaiah’s to proclaim the word even when the dying world is not listening. After all, He does not call men like me to be successful as the world puts it, but to be faithful. I hope that this calling on my life never changes. Here is to another 62,285 visits.


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