The Church Does Not Need Christian Radio

The church doesn’t really need Christian radio to survive. I know that there are many who tune into Christian radio and listen on a regular basis, but the truth is, Christian radio is not necessary for our spiritual growth in Christ.  We especially do not need listener-supported Christian radio stations. If a station has to ask us for money, using the typical ploys of telling us we will be blessed by blessing them, then we should donate our offerings to more legitimate ministries such as the White Horse Inn, or Truth for Life, in which their focus is the preaching and the teaching of God’s word. My focus in this post are the stations that play Christian contemporary music, are doctrinally and theologically inept, and take no real moral positions at all.

What prompted me to say this?

Neil had a post on Saturday about one of the Christian radio stations in Houston that is in the midst of a fund drive, telling their listeners to give to their ministry as “God tells you to.” Neil responded by saying he gave exactly what God told him to: nothing!

Here we have a radio station (seeing their sole existence as a legitimate ministry for Christ) asking for money, and doing so in an irresponsible way. They are making the false assumption that God talks to His people via a “still small voice” in their heads. Never mind that for 2,000 years, biblical Christianity states that God has ceased speaking to us in such a manner. When the canon of Scripture was closed, with the giving of the 27 books in the New Testament, God quit audibly speaking to us. This is not because He cannot, but because He chooses for us to come to His word and look there for all we need to know about salvation and how to live. He even teaches us where we should give.

The problem with these radio stations is that they seriously believe they are an instrument of God being used to bring people to Christ. Never mind that God has chosen the preaching of His word to reach the lost. Never mind that the personalities on these stations are as theologically astute as a children’s Sunday school class. Oh, the self-appointed high-priests of the radio airwaves are indeed putting forth theology, just bad theology. Never mind their their God works on the philosophy of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” as if we could actually make such deals with God. These stations are not true ministries at all, no matter how much they claim to help people.

The people of Christ have become superbly misguided in their understanding of what is and is not true ministry. There are two realms of ministry when it comes to the people of God, there is the ministry of the word and sacraments and the ministry of service. The former is filled by those who are lawfully (according to God’s word) ordained to preach, teach and administer the sacraments of the church. We call these men elders, and the qualifications for being an elder (pastor), are not open to anyone. Unlike the ridiculous movie The Apostle, in which Robert Duvall’s character decides to anoint himself an apostle, we have church courts and other elders that we must submit to for God’s ordination to be of effect. If these radio stations are a legitimate ministry, whose authority are they under? I’m sure none of the disk jockeys and radio personalities on these radio stations are ordained or under the elders of the church in any such manner. They probably lack theological training, and if they have theological training, they lack discernment. How do we know this? Just listen to the lyrics of the songs they choose to play on such stations.

Allow me to say, in the interest of full-disclosure, I have not listened to such stations in probably 10 years. But I know enough to know that nothing has changed in the Christian Contemporary Music world to bring about any confidence in the schmaltz they are putting forth. Just the very nature of these radio stations prevents them from taking any true theological stand on truth. They are looking for the broadest audience they can muster, and to do this, they must shy away from, nay, even avoid-at-all-costs, anything theologically significant. To them, the T-word is anathema, for if you utter anything doctrinally correct, you invite scorn from those who believe to the contrary.

On top of this, the music that these stations play are truly uninformed when it comes to biblical truth. This alone should be reason enough for every pastor who cares about his flock to warn them of the dangers of listening to such blather. (Yes, there are a few artists who seek to give us good, theologically and biblically supported songs. But those are few and far between.) From what I have gathered from recent events in the world of contemporary Christian music is that there are quite a few artists who are no more Christian than they typical Muslim. They entered the Christian music arena simply because it’s an easy road to break into the music industry.

Christians are so gullible. We think that simply because someone has the ability to play the guitar and write a sweet tune that they are somehow automatically anointed by God to bring us godly music. Never mind that God has not given us the office of music minister in the word of God. Yes, I know, He does use music and He does allow for singing. But as you know, the singing is to be done by the congregation, back to God, not the music minister, praise team, etc. But I digress. We are not talking about corporate worship, even though there are congregations that quickly adopt the latest tunes for worship on Sunday from the radio stations they listen to on Monday without giving it a second thought. This is completely opposite of what should be taking place. The church should be giving us the songs we sing from God’s word, not from the sinful inclinations of the musician.

The other area of ministry given in Scripture is the ministry of service. This is where most of the church finds itself. We serve Christ in our daily lives, through and to our families, in our jobs, and other areas of life. Some have tried to raise this level of ministry to that of the ministry of the word, saying we are all of the royal priesthood. They forget that those called to the ministry of the word will be held to a stricter judgment, and in doing so, they detract from the importance of the ministry of the word. They also fail to see that without the ministry of the word, there is no ministry of service. The former can exist without the latter, it should not, but it can. Failing to see the ministry of the word in corporate worship is vital to our walks with Christ. Without the preaching of God’s word, there is no true church. Yet so many view corporate worship as just an add-on to their Christian walk. Yet, it is the most important aspect of their Christian walk.

But I have digressed… again. Who could have imagined?

Some might say that the ministry of these radio stations that seek our financial help is not one of the word, but of service. I would agree that it falls more in the latter than the former. Yet, they still fail because they lack discernment. How many songs do they actually toss in the trash because such songs are theologically heretical? They are far more likely to judge a song based on it’s listenability than on what the words are actually saying. Since this is the case, it begs the question: if they are offering up such tripe to the people of God, what kind of service are they really offering?

Given that, radio ministries, are not true ministries. They are neither a part of the ministry of the word, which requires them to be ordained for that purpose, nor the ministry of service because the service they offer is so inept. Therefore we should give them nothing from our finances.

How do we know? Look at the statement they are offering up in order to raise money for their stations: “Give how much God tells you to.”

This statement led to the point I made at Neil’s blog. If God is going to speak audibly to me, would I really want Him telling me how much I should give to some pseudo-ministry? I can think of a dozen other things I would rather have Him speak to me about than how much I should give to the manipulators at the local Christian radio station. How much to give is an absolutely trite consideration.

Another question we might ask: how do I know if the still small voice that God is supposed to use to tell me how much to give to this knock-off ministry is really God speaking to me? As I have pointed out on this blog before, there is one sure-fire way to test whatever someone claims as a word of the LORD. In other words, if someone says “God says…” there is a real way to test that. If what they say is from God, look to His word to see if there is agreement. If what is spoken from God is actually from God, it will be confirmed in Scripture. If it is not found in God’s word, we can deem it not from God Himself, since He does not contradict Himself.

Therefore, God doesn’t tell us to give to radio pseudo-ministries, but to legitimate ministries like the ministry of the word and sacrament. That is where God is truly leading the lost to Christ, under the preached word of God. Despite the claims of those trapped in Popular Christianity, God is not calling us to support  the pseudo-ministry of CCM and the radio stations that play their songs.


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  1. I really like reading your blog. I wish you could include examples of things that you don’t like and like. I don’t listen to Christian contemporary music. I prefer older hymns. Sometimes my church uses contemporary music, and I think the words are agreeable with scripture, but I could be wrong. Would you be able to provide readers a list of music groups you think are theologically correct in their lyrics? It would be very helpful.


    • Hi Jeanette,
      I really don’t listen to a lot of Christian music, but when I do, I listen to Indelible Grace, the Getty’s, etc. I’m more into music like The Piano Guys… they do a lot of stuff without lyrics and the music is fantastic. Otherwise I would have to listen to a song to see if it is theologically sound before I could say one way or another. That is why I love the Trinity Hymnal. Lots of good hymns that you would probably know, and some you do not know, all proven and tested over time.

      AS for CCM, I find it extremely empty and worldly. Since that is the goal of those in that industry, it’s hard to give it any serious consideration.


  2. Great points! And as always, that “still small voice” was an AUDIBLE voice. They miss the point of their proof-text!

    Email me and I’ll send you an email thread I had exposing the issues of the Houston station with their leader.


  3. What do you mean by sacraments? This reminds me so much of the Catholic Church. I came out of this false church and am very skeptical of this kind of terminology. I don’t want anything to do with this false church or anything associated with it.
    Thought provoking blog!


    • What I mean by the sacraments are those two ordinances given to us by our LORD, baptism and the LORD’s supper. The use of the word sacrament is not wrong, it just means something that is sacred. How we define it and employ the word and the sacraments is what matters. Please don’t get tripped up on a word that the RCC uses. Remember, they also use other good, solid words like the Trinity, or saints, etc. They may even use those words correctly at times. We don’t look to them, look to the word for our guidance.


  4. I agree wholeheartedly. The one station in my town that used to be sort of good has over the years moved sound ministries like John MacArthur’s to the midnight to 5 a.m. timeslots, and the rest are the Christianity lite, Christian self help types and “Christian counselors.” even the afternoon talk show that used to be on, Janet Mefford, which was wonderful, was removed for another very liberal (as it turns out) talk show host who spends a good deal of time during his “interviews” giggling like a schoolgirl with his guests. It is dreadful.


  5. I was directed here through another blog subscription and frankly I highly dislike this article. Not that you don’t offer some sound critical truths within it, you do, but because of these other two reasons.
    First, you offer little to no proof of the many generalities/stereotypes you offer herein. You lump ALL of these stations together, many of which I am quite sure you have never listened to or even heard of. That’s generally not a wise practice, nor is that a fair nor wise judgment. Issuing statements that say “They probably” isn’t factual information but mere guesswork. Is this what the body of Christ needs? Is that how the Bible speaks to exercising discernment?
    Many of the issues you raise are true and are fairly consistent trends throughout these type of radio stations. Strictly speaking though, there isn’t any such thing as a “Christian” radio station or even a “Christian” church for that matter. The latter is just as much an invention of men as is the former. Only people, not institutions or organizations can be Christian. This is neither superstition nor generalization but Scriptural fact. Just because you and millions upon millions of other professing believers continue to promote “church” (a word that does not exist in any original manuscripts and was wrongly translated from “ekklesia”) does not make it any more true, nor sanctioned by heaven. Have you not noticed that many of the things you condemn in these “self-titled ministries” are the very same sins churches and their leaders and attendees practice?
    Why would I give $ to any “church” when God has never sanctioned such a place in Scripture? I wouldn’t?
    Why would I ever follow the advice of any “leader” who sinfully uses a religious title and holds a religious position in an institution- both which Jesus never commanded and roundly condemns? I wouldn’t.
    Why would I ever steer any believer or unbeliever to work at building an earthly self-titled church or organization that regularly demands the submission of men and their resources? I wouldn’t.
    Every item you raise, including those valid points all originated as the result of the failure of supposed Christian leaders refusing to take Scripture literally and obey EXACTLY what God says. No church nor its leaders or patrons have ever done that- ALL of them have too much at stake. That is why God must shake all things including earthly religious institutions so all that remains is God, His people and His Word.
    You right Timothy, God’s people don’t need anything called a Christian radio station to survive. But neither do they need “church” or anything church related to survive either. You are wrong about this though- the most important aspect of an individual’s Christian life is not corporate worship. One’s ongoing abiding/personal relationship with Christ is far more important. Scripturally speaking, the very purpose of the saints gathering corporately isn’t even worship per say- it’s the edification of the saints. Worship is a lifestyle, not something a person or people “do” on some given day or time.
    Maybe it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God after all?


      • Happy to carry on the conversation peacefully.
        Yes, God gave those gifts (people) to His corporate body of believers for their edification. He did not give them to a “church,” or what people these days (unbelievers and believers have been told or has been exhibited as church. The difference is huge.
        Ask any unbeliever what church is and you will get an answer that includes a specific place, rarely if ever a people. Why is that? Because despite the people you claim are your leaders saying the church and body of Christ is actually people- like you are above), their practice is not consistent with that profession. Jesus calls that hypocrisy.


      • Hi Michael,
        Several things, what about our submission to elders of the church? Should we not do so? And if they decide to follow the pattern found in Acts 15 of joining together in the larger body for the purposes of working on the kingdom together, should we not follow their lead?

        As for asking any unbeliever what he thinks the church is and then forming our opinion on what we think it should be, seems off base. The Scriptures define for us what the church is and is not. An unbeliever’s opinion is irrelevant.


      • I think you missed my point about asking unbelievers what the church is. I didn’t ask you to do that to validate what is and is not proper, only to prove that unbelievers think the church is a building (which it is literally) because that’s what “Christian” pastors have taught them in practice. In reality though, what the church is is irrelevant because “church” has never had anything to do with New Testament Christianity and we should abandon that word now and forever. The word itself didn’t exist in the 1st Century, Jesus never used it and it doesn’t even closely resemble the word “ekklesia” from which it was wrongly translated. Church is a building- it is not the body of Christ and never will be despite the regularity of that claim. Neither is church a people- that is also a lie- an oft repeated one at that. People have become so accustomed to using it that they would just assume keep promoting lies than tell people the real truth.

        As to elders among the assembly (not of the church), we ought to willingly submit as they follow Christ and are worthy of that submission. This is not a one sided submission but a mutual submission from one believer unto another. There is no spiritual hierarchy within the body of Christ- but man’s invention of titles (such as Pastor John), religious positions (such as Senior Pastor, Deacon, CEO, President etc), religious “offices” (another word not truly found in Scripture) and a bunch of other foolishness make literal distinctions between the family members of God’s spiritual family. That is how “leaders” become so prominent within these churches and organizations and even throughout the world. Do you not see how the entities they have created prop these people up, make many of them famous and rich and promote them and their name throughout the earth? You can’t create the buzz around a Benny Hinn or a John MacCarthur without a physical entity of some sort- it would be impossible and that’s the way it should be- with Jesus getting ALL the glory.

        As to your question about Acts 15- I may or may not understand it. Should we work together with other legit Christians upon kingdom work? Absolutely. But here’s the problem. Most everyone isn’t just bringing themselves and their gifts to the table as they were in Acts 15 for a prayerful discussion. Today’s “leaders” are bringing their earthly religious treasures and the weight and influence of those organizations to the table thinking that joining hands (much like a earthly merger or a hostile takeover) will be of benefit for God. Those assets are useless to Him, in fact they downright offend Him! Have these “leaders” never read John 3:6. The verse is just as valid when it comes to our practice as believers.

        I could go on and on, recite verses and the like but that would only make these notes longer. We can continue like this or you can mail me directly if you would like longer and more thorough explanations. My sites also talk a lot about these subjects but are not for the faint hearted.

        Remember- Anything that is not of the truth is a lie. What both you and I think about that is also irrelevant.


    • To Among the Forgotten,

      I am confused by your statement that Christians don’t need a church. The bible tells us to gather with other Christians. Where would we gather if we didn’t have a church (or some other building)? Also, I think that Christians NEED to associate frequently with each other, study the bible together, pray together, and praise God together. This helps Christians to stand up for God and resist temptation to sin. Where would we gather without a PLACE to gather? And if we can’t call that place a church, what would we call it? I realize that the “church” is actually the people who worship God all over the world (his saints), but we need a word for the building where we worship together.

      You said that you would never give money to a church. No matter what kind of building we might use, someone has to pay for it, which requires money; and my church expects its members to help maintain it and pay the pastor. I do NOT give money to TV or radio stations, only to my church and local organizations that help the poor, sick, and neglected. If Christians didn’t have churches, to whom would they pay their tithes? The bible does say to give back to God 10% of what we receive.

      When my church gathers on Sunday morning, I think being together in the House of the Lord is one way to edify the saints. We are like-minded people who go there to hear a sermon preached straight out of the bible. We pray together, we have communion together, we praise God in song together. All of this is a form of worship that edifies the saints. The sermon is from HIS word, we pray to HIM, we praise HIM, we remember HIS sacrifice when we take communion. It’s all about HIM. I wouldn’t call worship is a lifestyle, but I would say that you can’t be a Christian on Sunday morning and a sinner the rest of the week. If you are a true believer of Christ, you are a Christian 24/7. For me, true Christianity is a lifestyle.


      • Hello Jeanette, and thank you for both responding to my comments and challenging those parts of what I wrote you disagree with. The latter is something we ought to do as those caring for one another as difficult as that may be at times. No real Christian enjoys criticizing others or pointing out errors and yet that is what many us are called to do.

        Instead of answering your many questions and hogging up Timothy’s page here, I just want to respond by asking you a question of my own and then answering that question from my own perspective. Is that ok?

        Where and from whom did you learn that Christianity revolves around church (a building) and church related things? (such as a church leader and church tithes). Answer: You didn’t learn these things from your Bible but by going to church and by those who run those churches. You are a product of your environment and have not fully researched many of the things you wrote above that concern what you believe.

        First case in point: In two different sentences above you speak of the church as BOTH a building and as a people. Which is it? It certainly can’t be both and it isn’t both. Yet just about every church going Christian including the leaders therein speak just as you speak, as if it were both.

        When the Bible was written the word “church” did not even exist yet. The word Jesus used in every place we find the word church in our Bibles is the Greek word “ekklesia.” Ekklesia is a called out gathering of people for a specific purpose. It is not a religious word at all and has NOTHING to do with the earthbound entities we call churches. Church is what man attempts to build on earth for God, Ekklesia is a spiritual organism (not an organization) and is something Jesus says He will build spiritually. It is not of this world nor are they (Christians) for their citizenship is in heaven- now.

        In addition to the oft repeated errors above, there is no New Testament mandate to give to leaders any financial compensation, nor is any form of tithe still required by God. There is a huge difference between what God required of national Israel under the Old Covenant and what Jesus requires under the new covenant in His blood. Sadly, many “leaders” attempt to bring some or all parts of the old law into the new which only distorts Jesus’ actual commands for His children. Even sermons are foreign to the New testament.
        A perfect example of this are your own words- “the house of the Lord.” That is an old covenant expression and truth- because there was literally a house such as Solomon’s temple which was called the house of the Lord. But the NT does not speak as such, not at all. The temple of the Lord is one of two things alone: First it is individual Christians such as yourself and secondly it is the corporate body of Christ as a whole. ONLY these two are valid expressions of our Lord’s temple.

        All this said and in my thought Christians do not need church or any expression of it. But you are correct Jeanette, Christians do need each other and for the very reasons you express- ALL of them. The problem I keep reiterating in that the manner Jesus requires His people to worship, fellowship and relate to one another is being neglected and as a result the promises of God cannot be obtained- such as where Jesus said: “I will build My Ekklesia and the gates of hell will not overpower it” (them).

        Despite 1 Corinthians 12-14 being a beautiful expression of ekklesia living, most professing Christians have never lived that out or been the recipient of the blessings therein. For example, consider the 1 Corinthians 14:26-35? Is that the manner you fellowship/worship with those you meet with every week? Consider that this manner of fellowship is the Lord’s command (verse 37) and the judgment upon those who refuse these truths in verse 38. These are solemn things, not to be rejected lightly. Just because most of the “Christian” world does not obey God in practice does not make our actions right or justified. Not any sacrifice will do. God demands obedience, and only His way is right and acceptable.

        Remember what John 4:24 says? Would God accept something of our worship that was fleshly verses spiritual or a lie verses the truth? Of course not- yet people offer these things in ignorance day after day. It matters what we teach AND how we live those truths out.

        I don’t share any of this to scare you, but to prompt thought and prayer to our Lord. Ultimately our answers must come from Him- not those we consider to be leaders in some earthly institution. That goes for me as well.

        Hope this long response helped. If your feeling especially courageous you can read more about Christ here:
        It’s my little contribution to what my Lord has shown me to be true.

        Glad you are serving Him as you know best today. Just don’t stop there, keep seeking Him for more insight.

        Your comments prompt many thoughts and I could write many pages filled with my own


  6. I have been very concerned about Christian radio for some time now. It seems with most Christian Radio Stations (Not All), that “as long as the check clears the bank” almost any one can air, even when deny cardinal teachings of the Christian faith and the radio stations “statement of faith” I have seen these dozens of times. Many Christian stations have been duped.I could give many examples, but I will touch on a few. I am talking about those organizations that air their programs sounding like Evangelical Bible teachers. These individuals usually don’t discuss their unorthodox teachings over the airwaves. They use Biblical vocabulary, and may even quote well-known Bible teachers. I am not talking about the “Word-faith” teachers. Many fine Christian organizations have exposed them. Here is one teacher airing on dozens of Christian radio stations: Ronald L. Dart. His program is “Born To Win”. Dart has so many unorthodox teachings, one wonders where to begin showing his unbiblical teachings. I started doing some research on Mr Dart after hearing him on my local Christian station. I heard “RED FLAGS” ever where. Come to find out Dart used to be a Baptist, studied at a Christian college to prepare for the Christian ministry. In 1958 he left the school, and headed to the empire of Herbert W. Armstrong. Many Armstrong off-shoot cults air all over the world on Christian radio/TV. This is a real shame!. Many Christian stations have cancelled Dart’s program (Rightfully So) after realizing his anti-Trinitarian- -unorthodox teachings. One of these Christian Networks Salem also cancelled Dart, along with a few others. Sadly, Salem owns OnePlace.Com, and Dart is airing there. Notice Dart’s book, “The Lonely God” It’s clear from this book Dart’s anti-Trinitarianism. Here is one testimony how these off-shoots of Armstrong can deceive you. Dart used to be Vice President of this cult The Church Of God International from 1978-1995:
    Much more could be stated concerning the other Armstrong cults airing on Christian radio/TV. I find it mind boggling that Christian stations will have programs exposing cults, false teachings, and have interviews with former cult members, and yet at the same time have cults airing on their stations. “Something’s” Wrong in Denmark!”
    I know of one Christian station in AR that is airing 7 anti-Trinitarian organizations. Why call itself Christian?
    A few others to be aware of is Irvin Baxter, Roy Masters, and Arnold Murray.
    Speaking of Christian music, you now have 8 time Dove award winner, member of the Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame, Joel Hemphill of the Hemphill’s attacking the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Trinity. I remember singing his well known Sunday school song “He’s Still Working On Me” Joel along with his wife LaBreeska have written some well known Gospel songs, sadly their Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible. I thought the cults were bad in their attacks on the Trinity, “HEMPHILL TRUMPS THE CULTS!” How is music is played on Christian radio is a real shame.
    My concern is that by airing programs of organizations, when examined more closely are actually unorthodox, people are deceived. This deception is enhanced when programs to promote their ministry are placed among well-known Evangelical ministers and ministries.
    There is a relationship of trust between Christians and Christian Radio stations that the programs they are airing, are produced by groups that at least meet the basic criteria of orthodoxy. Otherwise, we will soon have more Dart’s,. Baxter’s, Master’s and Murray’s and other anti-Trinitarian- -unorthodox organizations using Christian stations to draw unsuspecting listeners into their folds.


    • Timothy,
      Although I am not familiar with those you name above, I am well aware of the problems that exist within these type of stations and their programming. I was at one time a fairly generous donor myself until one local station started promoting Rick Warren of Purpose Driven Shame and many of the false teachings of James Dobson who founded Focus on the Family such as self-esteem. I wholeheartedly agree that money and popularity generally rule the roost and dictate what is and is not regular programming.
      My main point in my initial rant was that the majority of people most church going people look up to as leaders have long ago abandoned the original practice of Christianity- even those who still hold to the primary doctrinal truths found in Scripture. The primary way in which this happens is when some likely well meaning person decides to “organize” the people of God by forming some earthly entity thus setting a precedent for others to follow. Do you realize how powerful a precedent can be? Since the time Constantine became emperor of Rome God’s people have blindly followed their “leaders” rarely if ever questioning whether their words AND actions are Scripturally supported. As just one example, “How can any person claim to be a part of a heavenly kingdom who actions clearly portray that they are building something earthly with bricks and calling it God’s? Didn’t Jesus say His kingdom was not of this world?
      I share your heart of concern for these stations as well, but I’m afraid the real issue is much deeper and started a long, long time ago. As I stated earlier, church leaders share in this blame because they too do not follow the proper practice of Christian living and suppress the truth in unrighteousness by not telling others the real truth about how God desires His children to worship & fellowship and start that process by abandoning everything that even hints or smells earthly in nature.


    • No, not the only exception. The groups that are giving true biblical teaching and preaching are all worth our support.That would include White Horse In, Truth for Life and a few others.


      • I don’t understand what is being said about Ligonier’s RefNet. Are you saying Ligonier’s RefNet is worthy of support like White Horse Inn and Truth for Life? Or are you saying that Ligonier’s RefNet is NOT worthy of support?


      • If Lignonier is teaching and preaching biblical truth, then it’s fine. I’m not familiar with RefNet, but Lignoier ministries is, if it’s R.C. Sproul’s, is fine. Does that help?


  7. R.C. Sproul’s network is a good source of Biblical teaching. He does not have any anti-Trinitarian- -unorthodox teachers airing as many other Christian stations have. RefNet site states “RefNet’s daily programming is God-centered, God-honoring, and committed to the historic Christian faith” Not too many Christian stations can say this. Let me give one example of a Christian station that has a good “statement of faith” and has the following statement “Under Programming”
    “Each program whether nationally or locally is chosen because they hold to the same doctrinal position as stated in our “Doctrinal Statement”, and hold consistent views with that of Faith Radio.” Sadly, Faith Radio has been duped. They are airing Ronald L Dart’s program “Born To Win” Dart absolutely does not agree with Faith radio’s “statement of faith” Obviously, something is wrong with Dart’s teachings, for him to be cancelled from over twenty-two Christian radio stations. The owner of the station should of been more discerning, but instead took Dart for granted. All one has to do is type Ronald L. Dart in google search, and it will show many of Dart’s unbiblical teachings. Much of this information is from my research after hearing Dart on my local Christian station. I personally have two letters from Dart, and he really shows where he is coming from. Many Christians will think that Dart is a good Bible teacher, because he is on Christian radio, and the station has a good “Statement of faith” So do other Christian stations. Do you think that Dart would attack the Trinity, the born again experience, Hell, the after-life, Genesis Chapter 1, and other Biblical teachings over the Christian airways? NO WAY! If he did he wouldn’t be airing on Christian radio. One other comment, is that I have never seen such a lack of discernment and a who cares attitude in all my life. I believe that Faith Radio should cancelled Dart’s program, because he is not in agreement with them theologically.
    I have often encouraged those who are not sure of a minister or ministry to read the following excellent article.
    Number 4 is where many Christian radio stations/TV, are duped. Fred is right on target here! “Does the ministry provide an articulate doctrinal statement?” Many, just as Dart are “VERY AMBIGUOUS”


  8. Wow, Timothy, I have to say I am often shocked at how judgmental you are and your lack of grace. Christian radio reaches people in other countries, missionaries use Christian radio to spread the gospel in ways that other can’t. Christian radio has ministered to me on MANY occasions. I don’t understand the need to trash something because you don’t benefit from it.


    • Trying to add my 2 cents without responding for Timothy:

      There are as you say Dionne, many things that might benefit us or encourage us as individual Christians. The question I have in light of that truth for you is this- “Is that what really matters most, what benefits you or I or is their a higher goal for us as believers?
      My primary goal as a believer in Jesus is to glorify God and I can only properly fulfill that goal if I attempt to see things and judge things as He actually does. Can I offer you an example?

      How often have we heard the saying about someone, often after they die, “They were a good person?” What is actually meant by such a statement? Don’t we mean they were relatively “good” by our own standards? Because God standard never says that about men- not any man or woman. In fact Jesus says that no one is good, not one righteous.

      As this relates to our subject matter of “Christian” music, were not many of Timothy’s points true and honest as he related them to us and within our modern culture? Yes they were. The issue wasn’t whether they helped or encouraged anyone, the issue was primarily whether any Christian “needed” Christian radio- the likes of which he described. The answer to that question is simply NO, we do not, and in fact these stations in most cases are more detrimental than helpful- despite the occasional “good” things or music they periodically offer.

      We quickly forget that Jesus’ standard for us is perfection and that has and will never change. I am not of course claiming any of us will meet that standard- praise God we are accepted in the Beloved (because of Jesus’ perfect offering of Himself) but we still must strive after that goal practically. Part of that practice is standing for the truth and noting and rejecting error- regardless of where or with whom that error may be found. That glorifies God and helps to keep the wandering and immature on the narrow road which leads to life.

      There are times where as the Bible states, “we overlook transgression” (as when people hurt us verses calling them out). Then there are times we must defend what we believe (what the Bible calls making a defense) when called upon to do so. Each of us has gifts and I don’t know the precise way the Holy Spirit leads others believers in defending and contending for the faith- I just know that He does that. If Timothy’s goal was merely to criticize, then he was surely in the wrong. But if his goal was to renounce what falls short of God’s standard for the benefit of God and His people, then surely he ought to be commended for doing so. Part of the reason we have access to English Bibles today is because individual Christians risked their lives by exposing error and working toward righting those errors with truth. You may want to remind yourself of that before you accidentally judge an individual specifically called to stand in a fire you yourself may not have the courage to stand in.

      Remember this, Christians are called to die to themselves and their own interests. Generally speaking, the more that an individual has done this, the less they care about what pleases them and what they like about any particular subject matter. Their hearts desire is to follow the Lord and whatever cost He deems necessary for them in that pursuit. That equals trust and dependence in Christ- the place where one can truly exclaim, “with God their is no need”


    • Hi Dee, sorry that you feel that way. Please realize I’m not talking about stations that are actually putting forth the word, but stations that play “Christian?” music, saying that it is ministry. It is not. While we use music in the worship of God, there is no spiritual benefit from music, although it does work on our emotions. The stations that I’m focusing upon are not ministries of the word, but pop music with a Christian twist. This is dangerous because it gives people the sense that they are true ministries, when they are not.

      Also, realize the true ministry of the word comes from preaching of God’s word, and the sacraments. Not music. It’s my job as a pastor to help others see this. Not all that is said to be Christian is actually Christian. Please read my article one more time with this in view.



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