Soccer, Easy to Understand, Hard to Play

As I sat watching my son play soccer, it dawned on me that soccer is not a complicated game. However, it is quite difficult. It is one thing to see what needs to be done in order to move the ball down the field and score. It is quite another getting 10 year olds to do it. But I guess the same could be said about a lot of sports, easy to grasp, hard to carry out. The following photos are of Andy’s (my son) team seeking to carry it out. They did quite well for a while, but their opponents finally overcame the sluggishness both teams were facing for playing so late on a Saturday. The Gunners lost, 3-1.

Andy got to be a team captain and witness the coin toss.

10/10 Soccer 002

10/10 Soccer 003

10/10 Soccer 004

10/10 Soccer 005

10/10 Soccer 006

10/10 Soccer 007

10/10 Soccer 008

10/10 Soccer 009

10/10 Soccer 010

10/10 Soccer 011

10/10 Soccer 012

10/10 Soccer 013

10/10 Soccer 014

10/10 Soccer 015

10/10 Soccer 016

10/10 Soccer 017

10/10 Soccer 018

10/10 Soccer 019

And one final shot of Joey, who was not playing today. His game is on Thursday.

10/10 Soccer 001

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    • Ha! You’re assuming I know enough rules to know when they are being abused. So far, I know… don’t use your hands, don’t get offsides, and keep the ball out of the middle. Only that last one is a strategy, not a rule. šŸ™‚


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