Game Day Soccer: Andy Style

We finally got to see Andy play soccer this past Saturday. Here are some of the pictures. The first is a photo bomb. I was taking a picture of Joey’s hair, and Andy jumped in the shot and it worked out well. But truth be told, I love pictures that have both my boys in them. I’m glad Andy loves to photobomb.

A Soccer 001

But alas, I did want Andy in his uniform. It was Heidi’s idea to put him next to the flag.

A Soccer 002

This was not my idea at all. Heidi took this one.

A Soccer 003

The more Andy played, the more comfortable he became and more aggressive he got. At one point, he was kicking for the goal, but just missed it. I’m proud of him.

A Soccer 005

A Soccer 009

A Soccer 014

Joey didn’t play on Saturday. He hurt his toe in last week’s game and was placed on injured reserve. Here Joey and Heidi find shade under our umbrellas. It’s now OK to actually use an umbrella in such a situation. We were not the only people seeking shade under our umbrellas. It helped keep us from getting sunburned, which was the major reason for using them.

A Soccer 015


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