Game Day Soccer: Joey Style

Heidi and I drove over to catch my son’s first soccer game of the season and it was quite exciting. I would like to tell the story in pictures. I don’t have all the action, but the important stuff. We start with my little soccer player Joey! Here is Joey ready to take the field for the Outlaws in the position of fullback. What that means is that he stays close to his own team’s goal and when the ball makes it across midfield, he and the other two fullbacks are the last line of defense.

J Soccer 001

Given that he was playing fullback, and the Outlaws were so dominant over their opponents, Joey didn’t see a lot of action. Below you see the Outlaws advancing the ball in the early minutes of the game leading to the first score, 1-0.



Joey standing ready…

J Soccer 004

But, the Outlaws were relentless… pushing the Infernos back, scoring again… and again, 3-0.

J Soccer 006 J Soccer 005

And Joey… waiting for some action… At least he wasn’t chasing butterflies like I did playing Little League baseball in … (you guessed it) right field. Playing fullback on a good team is like playing in right field in Little League. Some of my older readers will be able to relate to Little League.

J Soccer 007

But the offense wasn’t done.


“And the Outlaws score… again…”

And Joey… waits patiently defending his goal…

J Soccer 010

Fortunately, by the second half… the forwards and halfbacks were getting tired scoring all those goals. I think the final was 8-0, which is monumental in soccer. That is like Texas A&M leading Ball State 49-3 at halftime. Given all that, Joey saw some action.

J Soccer 013

J Soccer 014

He kept the forward from scoring. I’m one proud father.

Here he is giving the other teams high fives.

J Soccer 015

He certainly did have a great time.

And one final shot of my little soccer player

J Soccer 016

Well, actually that was a double photo bomb. Joey jumped out of the picture and Andy jumped into the picture. I’m still chuckling at their creativity.