Happy Labor Day!

I’m not really sure why we celebrate Labor Day. I could hop over to Wikipedia and do some research, but the holiday so bores me that I don’t want to waste my time researching it. I will say that I hope you have a happy one as you abstain from labor. I will confess, that when I realized today was a holiday, I rejoiced. The day meant a quick break from teaching and something that I have not had in years: a three-day weekend.

I had to do some thinking to figure out that I have not had a three-day weekend since the early 1990s. Now let me qualify that. I have had a lot of days off in the past two years. However let me stress that when you are unemployed, a holiday is no holiday. It is just another day in which to worry about not making ends meet. I have also had the day off when I worked part-time jobs. But for the hourly employee, the holiday is rarely a holiday since the hourly employee ends up losing income over the day. It turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing.

I have also had the day off in times past when I had a salary. But given that I was a pastor, and had to preach on Sundays, the weekend was not a three-day weekend. In fact, most pastors never get a three-day weekend or the joy of celebrating any other holiday. This is due to the reality that for the pastor, Sunday is coming. A holiday in the midst of a week just means another interruption in the preparation for the LORD’s day. So holidays for pastors are never really what most people understand them to be, a break from labor. I’m sure there are plenty of professions in which this is true.

Now, given all this, I’m not complaining. I would much rather be in full-time ministry, preaching God’s word for God’s people with the interruption of the occasional holiday. I would rather experience the joy of preaching God’s word on a regular basis than the occasional three-day weekend. But I am glad I have the three-day weekend today (so I can finish grading papers, while my wife goes to work and pours coffee for the general public). The day is a welcomed break. I will enjoy the day for what it was meant to be. I hope you do as well.


4 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

  1. Hi Timothy,

    Labor Day was started to move attention in the US away from May 1st, which is the traditional union holiday. You are right that it’s pretty dull. Have you noticed that so many of the US holidays are now devoid of any kind of meaning? They seem to be only about shopping.

    In any case, hope you’re having a good day off.



    • Hi Alec,
      Yes, it’s a good day off. Spending time with my boys and even getting some projects done around the house… now about those papers that need to be grade. 🙂


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