Back to School

Yes, but as a teacher, not a student. Today I start back by reporting for “new teacher training.” The rest of the staff starts next week. I am excited about the new school year, and I know that in about a week, that excitement will fade, followed by disillusionment for several months, then acceptance, then… summer vacation. All a part of the process and hopefully, with lots of prayer and work, the students will learn to read gooder and spell write! Just kidding, couldn’t resist going for the punch line.

The first picture is me looking into my classroom, A107, and the other is of the hallway. I did look to see if they had a room number A 113, but the rooms only go up to A 112. This is a Pixar reference.

The building is the oldest in the district, and it doesn’t take long to figure out that for the most part, if you teach at the intermediate level (grads 6-8), you will probably be in the oldest building in the district. Districts like advertising new elementary and high schools… but seems to forget out middle school. Just an observation, not a complaint. It’s a neat building.

Drane 001

Drane 002


10 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. You look very nice, Teacher. Pray over your classroom and the sheets,etc. May the presence of the LORD be strong in your wrong and may you be used for HIS Glory !!


    • BTW, I love the old building too. It has real character. Built in 1924, it was the original high school. It supposedly has a secret passage way underneath it that leads away from the building. The lady who told us about it said it was full of water, so she never goes down there. It also has a ghost that looks like Abraham Lincoln. I think it was the ghost of Bobby Joe McDougall, who had a condition… and thought he was Abraham Lincoln. 😉

      The build, since it is really old, has terrible wifi, but it’s great in a tornado, so I’m told. 🙂


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