Climbing The Dam

I have been climbing the dam quite a bit lately. Not the literal dam. But the metaphorical dam… and there have been quite a few of them. The first was finishing up my course work so I could get a job teaching school in Texas. I’m not finished yet. I have 7 days to finish the final section, then I can teach for a living. So, I’m not at the top, like Joey in the picture below.

The other dam is finding a job. That too was accomplished, and given the completion of the above course work, I begin work on the 13th.

But then there is the dam called “the move.” That is taking place right now as well. We are moving from our home in Tennessee back to Texas and that is quite an undertaking.

There are other things as well that I will not mention on this page that take up my time, emotions, and energy. Things that would sadden you if I shared them with you. Those are the most draining for me because they are issues that I can do very little about, but affect me greatly.

This is why my writing has fallen off here of late. When I write a serious blog, it is like climbing a dam. Some of you may think I just pop them out without any thought. Not true. I work very hard on them an make sure they say what I want to say. Each serious blog I post is like climbing another dam. I have to many dams in my life… so something has to give. Quite frankly, just running a bunch of photos has been a relief for me. It has made me want to pick up my camera more often. So look for the photos to come. Once some of the dams are behind me, I will write more then.

Dam 001

Yes, that is Joey at the top of the hill, and his brother Andy, about half way up. Of course, when he came down, he ran all the way. Andy took his time coming down.

Dam 002


3 thoughts on “Climbing The Dam

  1. When writing a blog there’s a balance between writing those “climbing the dam” posts and the shorter pieces. Some wonderful bloggers who don’t find the balance often disappear, never to be heard from again. That may be the best for them, who’s to say? But those who continue are still providing a great service to their readers.

    Have you ever heard this (weak) riddle:
    Q. Why is writing a blog like keeping a pet crocodile?
    A. You have to feed them both every day.

    Hope your move and transition are a great blessing to you and your family, and especially to your new students.

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