Happy Birthday Heidi!

Happy birthday Heidi!

I pray and hope you have a wonderful day. God has blessed you with another birthday and I hope and pray He blesses you with many more.

The boys and I have really had a wonderful time planning for your birthday. I realized as I was working through the gifts we were making for you, that they all had the same basic theme. But it’s a very good theme and I hope you love each gift we made for you. You are truly a wonderful woman, a blessing to our lives and a dear sister in the LORD. I rejoice that the LORD has brought us together. Have a great day.

Love, Timothy


Note: Joey picked all those flowers on one of our walks in the park and surprised Heidi with them. She wasn’t on the walk, but was waiting for us at the end of it.


Birthday Heidi


UPDATE: Here are some photos from this morning… the first is Heidi with Joey eating the breakfast I made for her. The second is her look when she saw the framed photo from our wedding on the kitchen wall.

Birthday 020


Birthday 021


SECOND UPDATE: Heidi with her birthday cake, made by me and the boys. You can see Joey’s attention is on the cake. He could hardly wait.

Birthday 023