Andy Stanley Proves His “False Teacher” Status Once Again

Andy Stanley, the pastor of a mega-church in Atlanta, is at it again. He is showing us how gay marriage is perfectly acceptable to embrace, just as long as those who marry one another, are lawfully (well not even lawfully) divorced from their wives first. This is placing him in the category of “false teacher,” which, according to Christ, the Apostles Paul, Peter and Jude, means that he is the most wicked of men.

Danny Wright posted this on Facebook and there was not a single comment posted that was in agreement with Andy Stanley out of the 17 or so made. Mr. Stanley has decided that gay marriage is OK, just as long as you are legally divorced from your wife. He goes on to tell the story of how “conflicting” all this is, saying that Jesus was conflicted by it as well, and that what we need to do when it comes to gay marriage is pour out lots of grace, or some such nonsense. I’m quite sure that Jesus wasn’t the least bit conflicted about two gay men getting married. It was solidly in the “abomination” category of sins, a sin that He and the Father defined in eternity past and declared to us through His word (Christ’s word as well), both in the Old and New Testaments. But false teachers never let facts get in the way of the truth. Remember, it’s all about the money, the popularity, etc., when it comes to what drives a false teacher.

To see what I’m talking about, listen to Andy Stanley explain it himself. But beware, a lot of those who commented on FB could not get through the entire clip. Not that Stanley is crude, or rude. They couldn’t get through it because Stanley is just so darn funny when he is talking about abominations.

Do you see the wickedness of laughter? I’m not saying that laughter is always sinful, but the way we use it our country, to laugh at sin, is quite evil. Stanley just points out how funny the situations are between the two Sodomites and their families (see, I’ve gone and called them what the Bible used to call them until it became politically incorrect, and offended some people). But the sin of Sodomy should be offensive to us. It is offensive to God, and this “man of God” is turning it into a joke, under the guise of being loving and accepting. Seems to me that I can’t find the clause anywhere in the Bible, that allows us to turn sin into something humorous to make it okay with God. He still seems to be just as displeased with it.

Stanley, as I said above, is proving himself to be a false teacher by teaching this lie, that the new family with gay couples is perfectly acceptable to God. God does not change, neither does His word. It is we who are to change, not redefine things to make them acceptable. May the Southern Baptist Convention rebuke their errant brother over this issue.


3 thoughts on “Andy Stanley Proves His “False Teacher” Status Once Again

  1. So sad how the LORD is giving our land over to a depraved mind. The BIBLE has been thrown out and people are doing what is right in their own eyes.


  2. That has been going on for years. Just read the last words in Judges 21:25 “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”


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