Correction: On Roundup the Matters

I should have listened to Wade H. when he suggested the story about a pastor being threatened with a year in jail for not officiating a gay wedding was a fake story. Turns out Wade’s truth detector was dead on… the story appearing on my Monday Roundup That Matters was fake.

Here is the scoop from  ChristianityToday:

Pastor Arrested for Refusing a Same-Sex Marriage

So, what should you do it you see a story like this?

Well, first, if pastors are going to jail for a ruling from last month, you should be suspicious. OK, not really, you should be totally incredulous.

But, let’s say it is a couple of years from now.

If that were the case, it would be EVERYWHERE. It would be on the nightly news.

Did you check How about WORLD, the Christian Century, or Charisma? They’d all have it on their front page.

But, you say, “It was at NBC.” Well, if something sounds crazy, check the URLThis particular story was on

Did you notice the extra .co on the end? That means it’s not really Also, click around to the other stories, which literally have text that reads “adfasf weoogsdre gawerags.”

You just make us all look gullible when you don’t do simple steps like that.

By the way, if you are a pastor you should already know that no one can make you officiate anything. In fact, you can refuse to officiate an interracial marriage. You’d be an idiot and a racist, but you wouldn’t be arrested.

Well, there you have it. Gullible indeed. Grateful it was not real.

Glenn Beck is a Lousy Theologian

Glenn Beck recently made the statement that George Washington made a 4-hour covenant with God, which, in his opinion, means that the United States of America is the only other nation, besides Israel, to do so. He is saying that the good ‘ol USA is a covenant nation.

Watch the video, then I will explain why Beck’s theology is so far off base.

The real problem is that when it comes to the covenants that God made, the covenants were always covenants that God made! Not the other way around. God is the One who covenanted with mankind (the rainbow after the flood), with Abraham, with Israel after the Exodus, with David, and finally, in the New Covenant through Christ. God initiated all of those covenants, not the other way around. I know there were times when Israel would repent and renew the covenant with God, but those were renewals, not making something new. Under the New Covenant, nations do not get to covenant with God.

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