Glenn Beck is a Lousy Theologian

Glenn Beck recently made the statement that George Washington made a 4-hour covenant with God, which, in his opinion, means that the United States of America is the only other nation, besides Israel, to do so. He is saying that the good ‘ol USA is a covenant nation.

Watch the video, then I will explain why Beck’s theology is so far off base.

The real problem is that when it comes to the covenants that God made, the covenants were always covenants that God made! Not the other way around. God is the One who covenanted with mankind (the rainbow after the flood), with Abraham, with Israel after the Exodus, with David, and finally, in the New Covenant through Christ. God initiated all of those covenants, not the other way around. I know there were times when Israel would repent and renew the covenant with God, but those were renewals, not making something new. Under the New Covenant, nations do not get to covenant with God.

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