4th of July! A Call For Dependence

I would say, “Happy” 4th of July… but seriously, happy? I refuse to put up a false facade of how wonderful and great our nation is. It isn’t wonderful. We are living in the last days, times when men forsake good for evil. Our country is at the lead in this wickedness and I am not the least bit happy about it. Whatever greatness this country once had is now past us. We are living in evil times and Christians need to admit this. We are in a spiritual war with the forces of darkness, and we must never forget this. We must never give up. But we must never forget that our government stands directly opposed to the truth of Scripture and against Christ Himself.

So on this independence day, remember your dependence on Christ. Not to do “all things” but to remain in Him, abiding in Him, keeping His commandments, living for Him. His Kingdom will not perish as our earthly kingdoms do. Press on in the faith, being faithful to Christ alone and His word alone. The best thing we can do during these dark times is to remain true to who we are in Christ. If you don’t know who you are in Christ, then you may not be “in Him;” time to repent and believe. But if you do believe, find out who you are in Him and live according to who He is making you, not according to who you were while still a child of wrath.

It is during dark times like this that we can hope and pray to see God moving the most because the church, as a whole, is at its weakest. This points to our greater dependence upon the LORD. When we are at our weakest, He is strong. The principle behind this truth is that He gets the most glory when we are at our weakest. Christ is not interested in a strong, vibrant church, taking culture by storm. He is interested in the message of the gospel going forth in those who are weak and dependent upon Him. All this to say, that our hope cannot be in some future politician, or future law being passed, or current law being honored. Our hope has been, and always shall be in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is our hope and security.

Yes, this country is passing away, as we knew it would. It had a good run, 230 years or so. Not bad. But it was never intended to be permanent and its turn toward sin truly prevents those of us in Christ from swearing allegiance to it. Therefore, if you want an allegiance that will last, make an allegiance with Jesus Christ, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. “Come quickly LORD Jesus!”


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