Episcopalians Continue March Into Obscurity

The Episcopalians voted this week to allow same-sex marriages in their churches (see story here). This really comes as no surprise given that they have had an openly gay bishop since 2003. All this recent addition of depravity will do is give cause to those true believers who still reside in the Episcopal church more reasons to leave. The church has become apostate and the numbers for the denomination have been in decline for the past 25 years. The real decline began in 2004, after the church ordained the gay bishop. This will add to the decline and the denomination will slide further into irrelevance.

Even those who remain, roughly 1.9 million, have no reason to attend church on a regular basis, or give to it financially. Since they offer nothing more than warped humanism, why not just stay home on Sunday instead of getting all dressed up for show? Why not just watch Oprah or Dr. Phil instead? In fact, I would say that Dr. Phil has more to offer than the typical Episcopalian sermon. So put him on DVR and watch while eating your fat-free tofu.

When you no longer believe the Scripture and orthodox Christianity what do you actually have to offer people? Just given their quickness in approving something deemed sinful according to Scripture shows the Episcopalians no longer believe God’s word. I know that they reject Scripture in the hopes of being more inclusive and reaching more people, but the more one moves away from Scripture in an attempt to reach people, the less one has anything to offer once they find those people.


3 thoughts on “Episcopalians Continue March Into Obscurity

  1. Hi Pastor Timothy–thank you for your very honest blog entries! There’s a lot of sad truth in what you’ve written here. Having said that: I stumbled upon an Episcopal church in New York City (of all places!), where the two ministers preach The Gospel every week. I’ve never heard them say anything about homosexuality or ‘ss marriage’ in their weekly sermons.

    I plan (God willing) to visit them in person later this year, and ask them a lot of questions. While it is true that the Episcopal church, as a whole, is declining, there are still pockets of Gospel-preaching here and there.


    • That is true. There always are pockets. I think God does so out of His grace for those who still believe and even for the lost. But it’s time for those pockets to remove themselves from the EC and join the more biblical Anglican movement here in the states.

      Let me know what the pastors say when you speak to them, and be sure to encourage them, they will need it. We need to encourage anyone, anywhere that preaches God’s word faithfully.


      • Thanks for your reply. I will do that. I’ve sent emails of encouragement to the ‘priest-in-charge’ (as he’s called) in the past. He’s responded with thanks! I listened this week to one of his most recent sermons, and he referred a couple of times to the Reformation, and to the Church of England’s ‘Thirty-Six Articles’ of faith. (Of course, the C of E is in not much better shape, sad to say.)


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