The Idolatry of Acceptance

It is interesting to read posts by liberal Christians because you can see how their rejection of the Bible is manifested in the things they find important. These things are never centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, which focuses upon the work and ministry of Christ in redeeming a people to themselves. Liberals never accept that because there is exclusion inherent in the gospel. It’s clear from Scripture that not everyone will be saved. Therefore they drop the gospel or redefine it. Layton E. Williams  has a piece called PresbyHonest, in which we see her gospel: one that accepts sinners, not so that they can repent, be renewed, and changed, but so the church can celebrate their sinfulness. She writes:

The work of the church is not merely to accept those of us who are transgender, asexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, and intersex. The work of the church is to accept and celebrate that the church—the body—is itself queer. The body of Christ is queer because it isn’t defined or bound by human constructs or binaries. It transcends and subverts norms and boundaries. It contains multitudes. But the body is also queer simply because its queer members are a vital component of its identity. When I was dating a cisgender (i.e., identifying with the gender assigned at birth), heterosexual man last fall, we were in a queer relationship. My queer identity made the relationship itself queer, even though he was straight. The body of Christ is queer in this same way because it contains queer identities.

As I’ve tried to point out here on this blog, the work of the church is to worship God in spirit and truth, not something so vague like “accepting those who are transgender, asexual… etc.” It is amazing how far leftist are when it comes to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Williams, who is a pastor, thinks that the purpose of the church is “acceptance” and then “celebration” of those who are accepted. She has reduced the church to the level of the local bar, only, without the joy of an occasional drink. The church’s goal has never been “acceptance” as she understands it, because her understanding of it is contrary to the gospel. Jesus Christ did not come to die on the cross so that we could be accepted, but so we could be redeemed, made new, born again, and changed from our previous fallen state to that of the new creation. Williams thinks too highly of herself and fellow man. Like many, she doesn’t think of herself as a sinner, but simply another expression of humanity that for some reason, needs to be accepted by other expressions of humanity. Since she has rejected the gospel for what it is, she has replaced it with “acceptance” which has become idolatry.