The Confederate Flag and the Cross (A Plea to Christians)

With the recent dust-up over the Confederate Flag and its use in South Carolina, I can only wonder how long it will be before the same elite liberals get their knickers in a knot over all the crosses across the country. It should not be too long, given that everyone and their dog was so quick to jump on the bandwagon for getting rid of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. Never mind what the people of South Carolina believed about the flag, the flag must come down for the following reasons:

  1. The flag represented the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression. The Confederacy lost. The Confederacy had slaves before the war. Slavery is evil, therefore the flag that represented the Confederacy is evil… all who fly the flag are evil. (This is extremely bad logic, but hey, it works for liberals).
  2. Black people are offended by the flag. Therefore it must come down.

Never mind that we just went through an entire media blitz about Bruce Jenner, who thinks he is a woman and therefore we must call him a woman, even though scientific fact disputes such a claim. With the Jenner logic, it seems to me that all we have to do is ask the good people of South Carolina what they think about the flag? If they like the flag, then they should be able to fly the flag. It does not matter how many people are offended by the flag.

To my Christian friends, in the name of not being racists, why are you so willing to jump on the anti-Confederate flag bandwagon with those who will not hesitate to persecute us once they are emboldened by your quick conformity? I’m not saying that I support the Confederate flag. But I do support the people of the south in their right to fly the flag, and to believe what they want about the flag. It’s their flag.

This entire episode is, as some have declared, simply an attack on the South for being the South. But given that no one wants to be seen as backwards, men are capitulating on this as if the South was still enslaving people. Newsflash: slavery ended more than 150 years ago. None of the people today who fly the flag have ever owned a slave and none of the blacks who complain about the flag have ever been held as a slave (except those who are enslaved to the Democratic Party).

But again, I really don’t care about all that. My concern is that the left, now that they have made new inroads into destroying the country, will turn their attention on those of us who believe in the Bible and put crosses up in public view. The process has already started with the assault over gay marriage. But it is going to continue with a rapid pace and many are aiding liberals in doing so by joining with the great lamenters of the Confederate Flag.

What many fail to see is that the left isn’t content in just burying the Confederate Flag. They want to destroy anyone who is conservative, who is a Christian, who stands in their way of turning our country into a godless, Utopian cesspool.  Using the crowd the way they have used this latest crowd will only encourage them in their efforts. All they have to do is point out that in the Bible there were places where God told Israel to wipe out a certain people group, and they have the battering ram for saying the Bible is hateful.

Remember their logic. It will go like this: The Bible condones genocide, genocide is evil, all who believe in the bible are evil, kill all those who believe in the Bible. This is what Jesus said would happen, but it baffles me that many Christians think they can assuage the coming onslaught by joining in the tirades of liberals now. You cannot. Liberals will hate you as long as you give in to their tirades. Our only option is preaching the gospel to them, but far too many Christians think we can reach the lost by becoming like the lost. We cannot.

To those Christians who are joining in on this attack on the South, realize you are aiding and abetting the enemy. Not that I want you to fly the Confederate Flag. But remember, we have far more brothers and sisters in the LORD who do fly the flag than we do in the Left. Those are the people we need to be concerned about,  and whom we must love and protect. I admit that they may be misguided in their use of the flag. I don’t think so, but given that I have spoken to many of them who do fly it, I’m willing to be open on this.

However, I’m not open to the wholesale condemnation of my brothers and sisters in the LORD who do fly the flag. I’m not open to this mob mentality of condemning people for enjoying the culture in which they live, a culture that is far more noble than any culture the left has given us over the last 150 years. If we do not stand against this mob rule, it won’t be long before the mob turns against all of us.

When that happens, we will get to see what Paul felt like when he was tossed in prison. We will understand what our fellow believers feel when they are persecuted overseas. We will get to taste the brutality of those who crucified our LORD as a result of a mob mentality.  Please don’t join the mob.

UPDATE: Please do not think that I’m turning a blind eye to the problem of racism in the world. I am not. It is sin and we need to repent of such attitudes. For more on this, see Albert Mohler’s article The Heresy of Racial Superiority.


5 thoughts on “The Confederate Flag and the Cross (A Plea to Christians)

  1. I’ve been thinking that “Remove that symbol because it offends” is a mere step … perhaps a necessary step … away from “Remove that cross because it offends. If “It offends” is the criterion by which we determine what can be public, Christians are surely on their way out.

    Now, I’m not in favor of the Confederate flag. Seems to me honoring the many who died for the freedom to enslave isn’t a good thing. Nor am I concerned that the cross is a sacred symbol that must not be barred. It’s just the mentality: “You offend; you must go.”


    • I’m not in favor of either as well. It’s only a matter of time before the left turns their attention on the cross, and Christians in general.


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