Bruce Jenner Needs to Fear God More Than He Needs the Love of God

Once again before us we have a wonderful opportunity to learn what is wrong with the gospel in America. As the pictures of Bruce Jenner adorn everything after his sex-mutilation operation, people are rushing in to either condemn him for being a sinner, or pour out their view of the love of God upon him. One blogger put it this way:

The real scandal worth discussing is that of a Gracious God who would come and die and live again so that He could make a way for broken sinners like us to be with Him while teaching everyone that redemption has so little to do with us and everything to do with Him.

And that isn’t just in the Bible. It is the summation of all of Scripture.

So, before the Internet gets going… before the whole world starts talking and there are harsh words and angry debates and Christians who look like we carry around pockets full of stones, let’s remember this:

No matter what the cover of a magazine tells us to call a person, first…

We must call one another Loved.

I’m not so sure this is true, especially given that the author does not express what this “love” is. This is a sad tactic of many when it comes to such a debate concerning public figures living out their lives with sinful natures. Someone points out that nature, and others immediately counter with the L-word, and we know that once the L-word is thrown out there, anyone else who dares to comment on the situation is clearly un-L-wording… Just by throwing out the L-word, truth is stymied and the gospel stands askew once again. The question we need to ask: Would Jesus just throw His arms open wide and give ol’ Bruce a big hug and welcome him into the kingdom?

Well, look at the evidence. Did he ever hug the woman at the well? Nope. He pointed out her sin to her. He made it very clear to her that she WAS a sinner and needed to repent of that sin. She even tried to change the topic and Christ came right back at her with her sin. Proponents of the L-word rarely do this. They just talk about how much God loves the sinner. But most sinners don’t have the biblical knowledge that the woman at the well had.

She had the benefit of knowing that God actually has a wrathful side to Him, and is perfectly just and right in sending sinners to hell. Her view of God was skewed, but not so much that He became this lovey-dovey cream puff in the sky that so many evangelicals hold onto.

Bruce does not need to know that God loves him. He probably already assumes as much if he has any views of God at all. Otherwise, he would not have committed this sinful act on his own body. What Bruce needs is the fear of God. He needs to know more than ever that there is a Holy God waiting at the end of time for him, and this Holy God will judge him based upon the LAW. Because of this reality, only then will he see his own need to repent and trust in the Savior who is. But even then, this will only happen if the Spirit moves in Bruce’s cold, stoney heart first. So while the author of the post above is concerned about people throwing around the “S-word,” I think the greater problem among evangelicals are those throwing around the “L-word” without the benefit of showing why Christ’s act of atonement is actually loving on the part of God. You cannot do this apart from the truly-needed “L-word,” the Law. It is only in view of the Law that we actually see how sinful we truly are. Paul writes about this in Romans 7:7, I would not have known sin except through the law. For I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said, “You shall not covet.”

If we are going to share the gospel with people like Bruce Jenner, we cannot do so apart from the Law of God, for it is only in view of God’s Law, His wrath upon us for breaking that Law, and our impending doom for our sinfulness against a holy God, that we begin to see the benefit of Christ’s sacrifice. Otherwise, we come to the gospel with the attitude that God should love us, since we are so lovable. We are not lovable. This is why the statement that Christ died for us while we were yet sinners is so remarkable (Romans 5:8). He died for sinners in whom there was nothing worthy of dying for. If we don’t understand all of this, we get the gospel wrong because we don’t give the full picture of God or ourselves. This is usually what happens in these debates, especially this one concerning Bruce Jenner.


11 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Needs to Fear God More Than He Needs the Love of God

  1. I totally agree that the L-Word has replaced the gospel, and grace is used to wrap sinners in affirmation. Jude wrote in verse 4; “certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” Thanks for the post.


  2. I left a comment on her blog that was not antagonistic, or mean spirited, and she deleted it, So much for practicing what she preached in her post.

    “While I’m not saying that these hard conversations should not take place, I am saying this…

    Perhaps she should have added the caveat, “…that they should not take place here”.


      • I think what bothered me more than her article, which if smothered in a healthy helping of gracious latitude, was at least palatable, was the meme. “You are loved”, which, as you point out, Jenner most likely already assumes.

        Another thing worth note, is the total grace the likes of BJ gets every time, but the total absence of grace extended to true Christians who are not “feeling the love” for BJ.


      • Great point. I’m sure there are those who have no love for this post but would be glad to accept BJ for who he is in their view of the gospel… which is contrary to the gospel, since the purpose of the gospel is to change us into new creations.


  3. Ok, the post that you mentioned has been driving me crazy since yesterday as I’ve been trying to figure out something that I could not put my finger on, which is funny sort of, because when I finally saw it, it was something that often pick up and and think about, and which I see as one of the places many miss the mark. (OK so how’s that for a run on sentence) Here is the part of her post that makes my point:

    It seems as if everyone is just waiting for us to have something… anything at all… to say on the topic so that they can remind us that we aren’t supposed to judge… because that is written in the Bible.

    And I also refer to Revelations 12:10

    And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God.

    You will note that this is a common thing. The world, under the leadership of its prince, makes accusations against the brethren Then some listen to those accusations and attempt to prove that they are false. Well of course they are false. But since when do we get our marching orders from the accuser of the brethren? We’ll never satisfy his accusations and to try causes us to take our eyes off the author and perfecter of our faith, who is our ultimate defender anyway. This will necessarily, and ultimately, lead to shame concerning God’s attributes and commands. God does not call us to assuage Satan’s accusations. His accusations are part and partial to the field of battle. We must become deaf to them.


    • I think you have hit on a gold mine with that last comment. Some might say that we are to always give an answer, but Jesus also says not to cast our pearls before swine. The point is that we don’t always have to respond to the accusations.

      That happened yesterday on your thread about Jenner. The one woman going off about the law of grace. Heidi told me not to respond because she wouldn’t listen anyway. So I asked the woman some questions, and she never responded. But it was pointless to respond. She wasn’t going to listen.


      • I had typed up a request for her to answer your question because I thought it was a fair question. But I never posted the question. She is there to preach love. And like all doctrine averse love preachers, she is not open to discussion. So after I thought better of it, I deleted my request rather than post it. I was thinking about it though. If she HAD of asked you questions, you know, like people do when they’re having a “discussion”, you would have not only answered her, you would have done so based on the scriptures.


  4. Good post Timothy. Good comments by others here also. I think our land and the world, needs some good messages and teaching on all of the attributes of God.


  5. Yip! I was frustrated when one news commentator remarked that people will soon understand how important this change is for our society’s awareness, acceptance and love, well except for those who are ignorant. Essentially stating that Christians are ignorant.
    Oh well.
    I don’t have the right to judge him, but I shouldn’t be bullied into giving him my blessing.


    • I agree. But bullying will come. The left doesn’t just want acceptance, they want complete thought control as well. That is the sinful and natural consequence for all of us. It is only be His grace that we are restrained.


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