Texas Rain and God’s Judgment

At one point during all the rain events, the report went out that the Muslims were claiming all the rain was due to Allah pouring out his wrath upon the state of Texas for the recent “drawing Mohamed contest.” I know that some might have been tempted to agree, but we must remember a few things concerning the Triune God’s wrath and Allah’s wrath.

First off, the Triune God of the Bible is not the same as the god of Islam. Islam rejects that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and the Second Person of the Trinity. They reject the resurrection, the miracles, and His atoning work on the cross. Therefore, the god they do worship, is not the God of Scripture. As with all cults, the moment you start denying Christ for who He is, is the moment you start worshiping a false god. I believe Allah of Islam is only the god of this age that Paul refers to in 2 Corinthians 4. This god of the age, is no god at all, but merely Satan, who is blinding the Muslim’s eyes to the truth of the gospel, as much as he can.

In view of this, we must also remember that Satan is not omnipotent. He is just a created being of God. While he does have some powers, he does not have the power to cause it to rain, flood, or to withhold the rain. That power falls under the reign of the Triune God alone.

Second, we need to remember that God causes the rain to fall upon the just and the unjust alike. …for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust (Matthew 5:45). This is what theologians properly call “common grace.” God does pour out grace to both the just and the unjust, because both groups are a part of His creation. Out of grace, He gives us the essentials of what we need.

Third, we must remember that for those who fall under the “just” category, meaning those who are saved by faith alone in Christ alone and therefore have an alien righteousness from Christ alone, the wrath of God has already been dealt with. God does not pour out His wrath upon His children because He is our Father. The judgment we deserve has been dealt with on the cross. The anger He had for us was poured out on Christ instead. Since we are “in Christ,” He loves us as children because we are no longer His enemy.

This does not mean that He removes discipline from us. Some of our brothers and sisters in the LORD in Texas may be going through some discipline during this mini-deluge. But this is for their benefit, to help remind them of their need for Christ all the more. Please do not think I know the mind of God here. But I do know that He disciplines those whom He loves (Hebrews 12). The floods, for the believer, could be God’s discipline in their lives. We need to be open to this reality. If it is so, then those going through it need to rejoice that they are loved by our heavenly Father. Let the struggles that occur cause all of us to look more to Christ and less to the world. Remember that we should not love the world, nor the things of this world, but look to Christ to be our all-in-all.

Please do not be offended concerning these truths. No believer likes the idea of being disciplined by God. But we know it is for our best and that by being disciplined, we become more Christ-like (the goal for the believer) through the process. This is why James says to count our trials as all joy, and Peter reminds us that the many trials we face refine our faith to make it more precious than gold that perishes. We may lose many worldly things during the process, but that which is most precious to us is being refined.

Finally, what about the unjust? Those who are outside of Christ already stand condemned (John 3), and do have God’s wrath abiding on them and it is being poured out upon them (Romans 1:18ff, Revelation 14:10, Romans 2:8). The floods, and all other calamities, are just a small part of God’s judgment upon the wicked. God has every right to do so because in their sin, they offend Him daily. Just as He poured out His wrath on Pharaoh and the Egyptians, so too does He do so today in our fallen world. The wrath they experience today, turning blindly from it, ignoring it for what it is, calling it nothing more than Mother Nature (a lie from the pit of hell), is just a small taste of the eternal wrath that they will experience after the final judgment.

I know that some want me to say that God uses these times to help them turn from their wicked ways to God. But this is not what God uses. He uses the preaching of the gospel to save men, not natural disasters. Just look at the example given in Scripture of Pharaoh. With all the signs and wonders that Pharaoh witnessed, he hardened his already hardened heart, and eventually God hardened his already hardened heart some more.

Realize that it is not God’s purpose to save everyone. It is God’s purpose to be glorified and He is glorified when He saves His elect, and even more so when He judges the unjust justly (Romans 9:22ff). He is currently pouring out His wrath upon the wicked of this world. He does so through disasters in nature, man-made disasters and worse, through the removing of the Truth from them, thereby sealing their fate for eternity. They reject the truth He does give them, and like Pharaoh, He turns them over to their sin all the more and hardens their hearts.

So was God judging Texas because the state held a “draw the false prophet Mohammed” contest? Do I have to answer that? Is He judging Texas because they are more wicked than the rest of the country? No, I don’t think so. After all, only an ounce of wickedness makes you fully wicked before Him.  But He is pouring out His wrath on the wicked in Texas, and Oklahoma, and the rest of the United States, and Canada (especially Canada), and the rest of the world. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened (Romans 1:20-21).

However, we know that for those who are “in Christ” His wrath has already been dealt with. The believer can, and should, rejoice while going through the trials of the flood. I know it is not easy to do so, as I have been through many trials in the last several years, but this is the best response for the believer. We trust in the LORD’s providential hand to carry us through and to make us more like the One who redeemed us from this wicked and fallen world. Yes, we may lose our jobs, our homes, our stuff…but all of that is nothing in comparison with knowing and being known by our loving and redeeming Savior.


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