Thanksgiving 2013: Boys With Mud, Men With Jeeps

I have been going through all the videos I have taken over the past few years and uploading them to Youtube, so the boys could watch. You can see some of them on my Family Page. As I was doing so, I discovered an entire series of videos taken on Thanksgiving Day 2013. It was a classic Hammons’ family gathering because David, my older brother, had his Jeep with him and decided to take Andy, Joey and me for a ride around the pasture. He loves to show how it can get across any ravine, or ditch with it’s four-wheel drive power. Of course, he also loves to get it stuck. This was his second demonstration on Thanksgiving Day and in the same fashion as the last Thanksgiving demonstration, he got his Jeep stuck in the pasture. This angered the powers that be because Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, not Jeeps getting stuck. As far as I was concerned, this entire day spent getting the Jeep unstuck was about family. What is so unusual about this? However, David has since been banned from taking his Jeep into the pasture.

The post starts with a video of Joey, who was in the Jeep when it got stuck. Somewhere he found a Ziplock bag and filled it up with mud after getting out of the Jeep, which got stuck in the mud. The video also has some good conversations with Stoke at the middle. This made the find even more precious given that Stoke died this past December. He is his classic, boisterous self on these videos, telling us how to get the Jeep unstuck, how to cook the Turkey, and some history of Johnny Manziel!

We did finally get the Jeep unstuck. It took a come-along, a chain and a tree. Unfortunately, I have no video of the final extraction. Here is the video:

BTW, I wanted to show you a picture of what that creek looks like when it is raining. We took this back in March 2015. Actually, this tributary of the pond is just to the left of where we got the Jeep stuck. But both look the same when it is raining and it had rained a few days before Thanksgiving.

Rain 006

While I’m showing pictures of my boys, here is Andy:

Rain 005


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  1. I just recently found out about our forever sweet, forever loved Stokley.RIP,you brought great joy to all who met you and you will always be missed!


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