Painted Doors


In our attempt to add more curb appeal to our home, in order to sell it, I decided to paint the master bedroom, and eventually the living room. Neither room has had the joy of getting a new coat of paint in some time.

In any DIY job, there is always a learning process and the door pictured has been my learning process. What have I learned when it comes to painting such a complex door? Contractor, contractor, contractor. Hire someone. Especially given that the room has at least three coats of paint on every wall, door and window. I tried just sanding portions of the trim, and the last coat flaked off, meaning I needed to scrape off the last coat. So I’m scraping, scraping, and scraping some more. It is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated.

The interesting point about the door, after having sanded it, is that Heidi really likes it as it is. I can see her point. It has a real antique look to it. Just from a labor point of view, it would be truly easy to go with the antique look. But we are trying to sell the house, therefore I will paint it. That means, I have to sand it as well.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, my labors will not be in vain and there will be some buyer who loves the color I picked out for the room, and who won’t pay attention to too much detail. It won’t be a perfect job. But my hope is that when I finish, the job will be well done.

That is kind of always my view of things. If you have to do something, do it well. There is a real difference between doing something perfectly and doing something well. The latter is actually obtainable on this side of glory, the former is not. I point this out because in every one of us, resides a Perfectionistic Dictator demanding perfection in all things, and everyone else, and even sometimes in ourselves. But given the fallen nature of this world, this is an unrealistic expectation. In fact, I would say that the idea of perfectionism is actually idolatry because it feeds on the flesh of man. It is man’s flesh that demands that things are perfect, even though our view of what is “perfect” is subject to much discussion. In fact, the only way we could determine something to be perfect or not is to determine how much it aligns with God’s word, since this is the only rule of faith by which we may know perfection.

Only God is perfect so we must turn to Him in order to see what true perfection is. His is perfect in His holiness, goodness, justice, knowledge, wisdom, and truth. We may not see how all these things are played out in our lives, but it is comforting to know the God of all creation is working perfectly in the life of the believer to bring him or her to full sanctification and glory.

It was only when I began to understand God’s perfection, and our fallenness, that I realized the quest for perfection was actually idolatry since we don’t even know what true perfection is. We live in a fallen world. The Bible declares this to us and we see it all around us. Hence, just the quest for perfection proves the point. If this was not a fallen world, there would be no demands for perfection. But in the quest for it, we are trying to say that what God has told us about the world is not true. We are trying to create heaven on earth via the flesh. We will never be able to do this because of indwelling sin.

But we can seek to do things well and do them in a way that glorifies God. That is my hope with the paint job…that and selling the house. Now, back to scraping and sanding and sanding and scraping. It sure seems like there is very little painting to an actual paint job.


3 thoughts on “Painted Doors

  1. When you finally do start painting I will remind you that you didn’t think there was actually much painting involved in this project…
    BTW, I will cherish this photo. Good memories of the room (and the DIY’er).


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