PC(USA) Is Dying: Amen and amen!

There is great news for Presbyterians every where: the liberal PC(USA) is dying.

In view of the fact that Christianity is on the decline in America, or so it seems, the PC(USA) put out their numbers this week showing a loss of 92,000 members over the past year. This decrease in numbers is up from the previous year, so the decline of this once great denomination is quickening… but not quickening in the biblical sense.

I know that some might be surprised that I’m rejoicing over the demise of this denomination, and I am rejoicing. Wherever false religion is in decline, I rejoice, for we are really seeing the fruits of their century-long slide into the rejection of God’s word. This is why it is so senseless to try and reach the lost by watering down the word of God.

Sadly, this is what some are claiming we must do to reach the lost in our day and age, namely in reaching the millennials. They seek to hide the truth of what Scripture says in order to be more accommodating. But please note, this has been done by most of the mainline denominations for years, and we see the result. We need the church to remain the church, proclaiming God’s truth, regardless of the culture’s rejection of that truth (think of the prophet Jeremiah). Our job is to be the people of God, not the people of the world.

So it is a good thing to see the PC(USA) in decline. Most of their ministers (not all mind you) have failed in proclaiming the full counsel of God’s word for years. Hopefully those of us in the PCA can learn the foolishness of such an approach to ministry. The only true power the church has is in the gospel. It is the power unto salvation, and nothing else is.


2 thoughts on “PC(USA) Is Dying: Amen and amen!

    • Yes, that would be great if they did. But more than likely, they quit going to church all together. After all, what does the liberal pastor/theologian really have to offer anyone: “you are OK in your sins!” If that is true, then why do we need church? Why do we need God?


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