Diluting the Vote for Minority Rule

The surest way to guarantee your candidate wins an election when you are in the minority is to offer up so many candidates to the majority, that you dilute their vote to the point of not mattering. This is what is happening for the Republicans as two more candidates throw their hats in the ring this weekend, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Neither one of them have a chance of winning the nomination. All they do is dilute the conservative vote within the party to the point that we will end up with a moderate. For some reason, the moderates always stick together in the primaries. It is why we got Romney, McCain and eventually another Bush for the nomination. Which is the reason why the Democrat will win the next presidential bid. It’s just too difficult to get conservatives excited over Romney/McCain/Bush knowing they are willing to sell the farm in an attempt to garner favor from those who will never give them a blessing.

This dilute-and-switch system of electing candidates has been around for a long time. It’s just that conservatives never seem to capitalize on it or use it to their advantage. This is because conservatives tend to be too principled to stoop to such measures. RINO’s and Democrats have no such scruples. I’ve seen this tactic first hand in the church. When I was serving as an interim pastor in Tennessee, it came time to vote for a search committee. Most of the congregation wanted me to be the next pastor, but there was a small contingent of those who didn’t want me as the pastor. Among that small contingent, were a couple of true Democrats. They were actual politicians. They knew the tactic. Their gaggle of 5 ended up choosing the next search committee because they nominated so many people to be on the committee, those in favor of keeping me had no real chance of winning. With 5 people, they swayed the vote of 40 plus people. The committee that ended up being chosen, made up of mostly those five people, never gave me an honest look when it came to the pastorate position.

It was a tough lesson to learn, but one we should all be acquainted with. When you are in the minority, all you have to do is split the vote of those in the majority, and you can rule the election. It can’t be done in the general election, but in the primaries? It is a perfect tactic to guarantee we get another moderate to vote for in 2016.

So am I happy we have so many candidates to choose from? Absolutely not. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have every right to cast their names in the hat. But they are doing nothing more than making sure sure that Jeb Bush or Chris Christie win the nomination.


3 thoughts on “Diluting the Vote for Minority Rule

  1. If Hillary is the next President, it is evident that we have learned nothing in the last 8 years, that we have traded God for ungodliness and we will have to reap what we have sown. Our day of reckoning is at hand if we do not repent.


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