Texas Rain and God’s Judgment

At one point during all the rain events, the report went out that the Muslims were claiming all the rain was due to Allah pouring out his wrath upon the state of Texas for the recent “drawing Mohamed contest.” I know that some might have been tempted to agree, but we must remember a few things concerning the Triune God’s wrath and Allah’s wrath.

First off, the Triune God of the Bible is not the same as the god of Islam. Islam rejects that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and the Second Person of the Trinity. They reject the resurrection, the miracles, and His atoning work on the cross. Therefore, the god they do worship, is not the God of Scripture. As with all cults, the moment you start denying Christ for who He is, is the moment you start worshiping a false god. I believe Allah of Islam is only the god of this age that Paul refers to in 2 Corinthians 4. This god of the age, is no god at all, but merely Satan, who is blinding the Muslim’s eyes to the truth of the gospel, as much as he can.

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The Boys Scouts of America Died Long Before President Robert Gates Arrived

Albert Mohler has a great article about the demise of the Boy Scouts of America called A Requiem for the Boy Scouts. As you may know, the president of that organization, Robert Gates, announced that it would no longer keep in place the restriction that prevented gay men from being scout leaders. Gates did this strictly for practical reasons, not moral ones, according to Mohler. Mohler writes:

The Boy Scouts were doomed the moment the national leadership decided to preserve the organization at the cost of the values and ideals that gave it birth. Speaking to a national meeting of Boy Scouts of America leaders, President Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, called for the B.S.A. to abandon its policy of allowing the participation of openly gay scouts, but not the involvement of openly-gay adults.

Where I disagree with Mohler is more with his timing on the demise of the Scouts, not his arguments. He is correct in everything he says. Yet, when he says that the Boy Scouts are doomed because of this latest move he fails to recognize that the Scouts were already doomed due to their compromises that took place more than 50 years ago.

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Thanksgiving 2013: Boys With Mud, Men With Jeeps

I have been going through all the videos I have taken over the past few years and uploading them to Youtube, so the boys could watch. You can see some of them on my Family Page. As I was doing so, I discovered an entire series of videos taken on Thanksgiving Day 2013. It was a classic Hammons’ family gathering because David, my older brother, had his Jeep with him and decided to take Andy, Joey and me for a ride around the pasture. He loves to show how it can get across any ravine, or ditch with it’s four-wheel drive power. Of course, he also loves to get it stuck. This was his second demonstration on Thanksgiving Day and in the same fashion as the last Thanksgiving demonstration, he got his Jeep stuck in the pasture. This angered the powers that be because Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, not Jeeps getting stuck. As far as I was concerned, this entire day spent getting the Jeep unstuck was about family. What is so unusual about this? However, David has since been banned from taking his Jeep into the pasture.

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Painted Doors


In our attempt to add more curb appeal to our home, in order to sell it, I decided to paint the master bedroom, and eventually the living room. Neither room has had the joy of getting a new coat of paint in some time.

In any DIY job, there is always a learning process and the door pictured has been my learning process. What have I learned when it comes to painting such a complex door? Contractor, contractor, contractor. Hire someone. Especially given that the room has at least three coats of paint on every wall, door and window. I tried just sanding portions of the trim, and the last coat flaked off, meaning I needed to scrape off the last coat. So I’m scraping, scraping, and scraping some more. It is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated.

The interesting point about the door, after having sanded it, is that Heidi really likes it as it is. I can see her point. It has a real antique look to it. Just from a labor point of view, it would be truly easy to go with the antique look. But we are trying to sell the house, therefore I will paint it. That means, I have to sand it as well.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, my labors will not be in vain and there will be some buyer who loves the color I picked out for the room, and who won’t pay attention to too much detail. It won’t be a perfect job. But my hope is that when I finish, the job will be well done.

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PC(USA) Is Dying: Amen and amen!

There is great news for Presbyterians every where: the liberal PC(USA) is dying.

In view of the fact that Christianity is on the decline in America, or so it seems, the PC(USA) put out their numbers this week showing a loss of 92,000 members over the past year. This decrease in numbers is up from the previous year, so the decline of this once great denomination is quickening… but not quickening in the biblical sense.

I know that some might be surprised that I’m rejoicing over the demise of this denomination, and I am rejoicing. Wherever false religion is in decline, I rejoice, for we are really seeing the fruits of their century-long slide into the rejection of God’s word. This is why it is so senseless to try and reach the lost by watering down the word of God.

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Do You Pray?

I really enjoy this tract by J.C. Ryle. It is rather long, but well worth the time spent reading it. Read and learn:

“Men ought always to pray.” Luke 18:1

“I will that men pray everywhere.” 1 Timothy 2:1

I have a question to offer you. It is contained in three words, DO YOU PRAY?

The question is one that none but you can answer. Whether you attend public worship or not, your minister knows. Whether you have family prayers or not your relations know. But whether you pray in private or not, is a matter between yourself and God.

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From the Pulpit

The following is a view of the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church of Osceola from the pulpit. It would have been nice to have people in the pews, but I confess, I would have felt odd taking a picture during the middle of a worship service. This was my first church in the Presbyterian Church in America and this particular congregation closed in June of 2004. The building is now owned by a Church of God in Christ congregation.

Sanctuary 002

The Church is Counter-Cultural

I was reading Rod Dreher’s article, The Failure of Winsomenessand realized that the church is truly becoming counter-cultural. Dreher’s article is spot on in helping us see that for the church to survive, we must entrench ourselves in orthodoxy. Trying to placate the culture will only lead to the church fading away. Dreher writes:

The fact is, ours is a post-Christian society moving towards an anti-Christian one, when Christianity conflicts with secular orthodoxy. Any churches that remain faithful to clear Biblical teaching about sexuality — gay or straight — and on the meaning of marriage and the human person, will be increasingly anathematized in this country. And those that compromise will, in time, fade to nothingness, as the ongoing unwinding of the Mainline Protestant churches demonstrates.

The culture of our country has become so anti-Christian in nature, that for us to remain true to biblical orthodoxy, we will become counter-cultural. Unfortunately, this will not resonate with the youth of America as the idea of counter-cultural movements have in the past. The black-clad Goths are not going to look our way and rejoice over  a new movement that stands opposed to the culture. In fact, the black-clad Goths, even in their attempts to be counter-cultural will be more in line with cultural conformity than they would ever like to admit. This is because they already buy into the culture’s argument for what is right and just despite the fact that the culture’s argument for what is right and just stands opposed to the biblical declarations of what is right and just.

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It Is Important for the Atheist to Be Right!

When it comes to debating with atheists, we must recognize that for atheists, their arguments against God are of the upmost of importance. Their entire lives and eternal future (or lack thereof) depend upon them being right. It is vital for mankind to be nothing more than a globule of chemical reactions. It is absolutely essential that Christians are wrong in their worldview and declaration of a holy God.

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The Osceola Sanctuary

By far, the most beautiful sanctuary I have had the opportunity in which to serve, was the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church Osceola, AR. It was my first church as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in American and as you can see from the photo below, it is quite beautiful.

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Riding Fences

My wife really likes this photo because of the fences. When we were dating, we loved listening to the Eagles and it reminds her of the song Desperado, in which the lyrics indicate the Desperado needs to quit riding fences, and open the gate. It’s a metaphor for taking a chance in the romantic realm. So… we like fences, The Eagles, and the song Desperado. This is also the picture I used for my new banner.


Hindu Flood Legend Confirms Bible’s Validity

Ancient Origins has an article of how the Hindu Flood Legend is very similar to the story of Noah found in Genesis. You can read the story by following the link here. This Hindu story is not really a problem for Christians since it stands to reason that all the nations of the earth descended from Noah and his three sons after the flood. We would expect there to be stories of the flood coming from every tribe and nation. It is confirmation of the flood.

The temptation on the part of many of the critics of Christianity is to say that Moses, who wrote about the story of Noah in Genesis, was merely capitalizing on the the story found in other traditions. That is partly true.

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Diluting the Vote for Minority Rule

The surest way to guarantee your candidate wins an election when you are in the minority is to offer up so many candidates to the majority, that you dilute their vote to the point of not mattering. This is what is happening for the Republicans as two more candidates throw their hats in the ring this weekend, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Neither one of them have a chance of winning the nomination. All they do is dilute the conservative vote within the party to the point that we will end up with a moderate. For some reason, the moderates always stick together in the primaries. It is why we got Romney, McCain and eventually another Bush for the nomination. Which is the reason why the Democrat will win the next presidential bid. It’s just too difficult to get conservatives excited over Romney/McCain/Bush knowing they are willing to sell the farm in an attempt to garner favor from those who will never give them a blessing.

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Weir Dams

These dams are on the South Fork Holston River and were built in the 1990s to help add more oxygen to the water. When you sit by them and listen to the roar of the water, you realize how much power there is hidden beneath the surface of the river. You don’t see the power, but you can definitely hear it. I’m sure there is a future sermon illustration in there some where. S Fork Holston River 001

Will God Restore Our Nation?

My wife and I were studying in Jeremiah and we could not help but see the similarities between the days of Jeremiah and our days. It was out of our study that we began to wonder if the LORD would ever restore this nation, given that He brought so much judgment upon Israel, and our country has far fewer claims to God’s blessing than they did. It was at this point that she said, “I don’t see God restoring this nation. We’ve made an idol of the nation.”

I couldn’t help but agree. We are not saying that God cannot restore this nation, but we don’t believe that He is going to do so. There are far too many who idolize the good old U.S. of A. and no matter how much we want to convince ourselves that this country is the second coming of the Nation of Israel, it’s not. Yes, our country has rich, deep biblical roots and for many years had a moral standard not matched anywhere in the world. But given the fact that we have our roots in Biblical truth and have turned from those roots as a nation, seems all the more reason the LORD would give us over to judgment and wrath. We have squandered the blessings we had just as Israel did time and time again in the Old Testament.

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