Happy Birthday Joey!

150426 Joey 004

Dear Joey,

Happy birthday! You turn 8 years old today! As I mentioned in your birthday card, you now have front-seat privileges in the car. No more riding in the back seat, well, at least when you can.

I am glad you liked your Lego Minecraft present we got you. I know you love Minecraft. You will have to take some pictures of the things you make with it.

I also like your new glasses. I remember when I first got glasses, I was about your age as well and I remember being able to see the leaves on the trees. You will have to let me know how much better you are seeing. Hopefully the glasses will help you on the soccer field as well.

We miss you and wish we could be there, but trust our LORD that this separation we are going through is only for a short time.

We pray that the LORD blesses you with many, many more birthdays to come.


Dad & Mrs. Heidi