Who Is This?

I see this guy on Facebook all the time and I’m wondering who he is?


I don’t really need this guy, whoever he is.

Now, will someone please read the Second Commandment again. I posted it below. The idea behind the Second Commandment is that we are not to make images of animals or of God in which to bow down and worship. Most of us understand the animal aspect of this commandment. What they fail to understand is that this commandment is an admonition against images of Christ as well. One way we know this to be true is that the writers of the New Testament do not give physical descriptions of our LORD. They knew what HE looked like in His appearance, but never gave any description of Him other than in the book of Revelation. But that is not what we have above because the imagery used in Revelation is too difficult to reproduce.

What is done above should not be done. We don’t know what Christ looked like. I would say if we had to choose an actor to describe Jesus it would probably be a taller Danny Devito. But even then, that is breaking the commandment.

Images of Christ Forbidden

I once knew a pastor who made the case that images of Christ were OK because the disciples knew what He looked like. I think that pastor got it completely backward. They knew, and didn’t share, because His looks are not for us to ponder, nor draw, nor imagine. We are to hear Him, but not look at Him or use cream puff models to represent Him.

That brings up another point. What makes us think it is OK to hire some model to play the role of Jesus based on his looks? Should not the model also represent Jesus with the same character? And since the model cannot do so, then perhaps we should not hire any man to pose as Jesus for we are robbing Christ of His honor by using a fallen, sinful creature to represent Him.

Another problem is that if we do get the representation of Christ correct, then we should fall on our knees and worship Him. He is worthy to be worshipped just as Thomas did when he realized Christ had risen from the dead. But given that we are only left with fallen and depraved actors to represent Him, then we should not use fallen and depraved actors to represent Him. This is one reason why I don’t go to passion plays of Christ. Those who play the role of Jesus have no business playing the role of Jesus. They dishonor Him by doing so.

Finally, the writers of the New Testament were more concerned that we hear His words and believe in Him than actually see Him. Peter, one who saw Him, writes in his first letter: whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith–the salvation of your souls. He had the opportunity to share what Jesus looked like and made it clear that it was better that the not see Him. It was better that they believed what they heard about Him since this leads to their salvation.

In view of this, study the Larger Catechisms below and learn why we are not use images of Christ and quit posting them on Facebook. They rob Jesus of His glory.

Q. 107. Which is the second commandment?

A. The second commandment is, Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

Q. 108. What are the duties required in the second commandment?

A. The duties required in the second commandment are, the receiving, observing, and keeping pure and entire, all such religious worship and ordinances as God hath instituted in his Word;[518] particularly prayer and thanksgiving in the name of Christ;[519] the reading, preaching, and hearing of the Word;[520] the administration and receiving of the sacraments;[521] church government and discipline;[522] the ministry and maintainance thereof;[523] religious fasting;[524] swearing by the name of God;[525] and vowing unto him;[526] as also the disapproving, detesting, opposing all false worship;[527] and, according to each one’s place and calling, removing it, and all monuments of idolatry.[528]

Q. 109. What are the sins forbidden in the second commandment?

A. The sins forbidden in the second commandment are, all devising,[529] counselling,[530] commanding,[531] using,[532] and anywise approving, any religious worship not instituted by God himself;[533] tolerating a false religion; the making any representation of God, of all or of any of the three persons, either inwardly in our mind, or outwardly in any kind of image or likeness of any creature whatsoever;[534] all worshipping of it,[535] or God in it or by it;[536] the making of any representation of feigned deities,[537] and all worship of them, or service belonging to them,[538] all superstitious devices,[539] corrupting the worship of God,[540]adding to it, or taking from it,[541] whether invented and taken up of ourselves,[542] or received by tradition from others,[543] though under the title of antiquity,[544] custom,[545] devotion,[546] good intent, or any other pretence whatsoever; simony; sacrilege; all neglect, contempt, hindering, and opposing the worship and ordinances which God hath appointed.

Q. 110. What are the reasons annexed to the second commandment, the more to enforce it?

A. The reasons annexed to the second commandment, the more to enforce it, contained in these words, For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments; are, besides God’s sovereignty over us, and propriety in us, his fervent zeal for his own worship, and his revengeful indignation against all false worship, as being a spiritual whoredom; accounting the breakers of this commandment such as hate him, and threatening to punish them unto divers generations; and esteeming the observers of it such as love him and keep his commandments, and promising mercy to them unto many generations.


12 thoughts on “Who Is This?

  1. Anything that makes some one think or make them uncomfortable will not be popular. Thank you for doing it anyway.. Ignorance, prejudice and fear walk hand in hand as an old Rush song says.. Fear of discomfort, of not fitting in, or looking weird brings self imposed ignorance. Prejudice follows closely behind as those who do not fear look strange in a world of madness…


  2. The whole “2nd commandment” thing is a point of contention for many. Has been for a long time. Calvin, for instance, refused to allow musicians into church worship because of it. (He changed his mind later.) Many argue that NO images of ANY kind ought to be made by Christians AT ALL. On the other side, there are those who argue that the prohibition is against WORSHIP, not images themselves. Where, on that spectrum, do you fall?


    • Hi Stan,
      I hold that no images of Christ should ever be used because to portray Him, robs Him of His glory, it also portrays a false Christ, and if we do a good job of portraying Him, we will be tempted to worship Him. So no images at all.


  3. And furthermore (just now really LOOKING at the meme)…whenever did Jesus EVER ask a namby-pamby question of sinners like, “Do you need me?” I remember His Words more along the lines of, “Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”


  4. I fully agree. I’ve had this discussion with people in many times. Here’s my points:

    How does anyone know what Jesus looked like? Would not any image of Christ therefore be from someone’s imagination and not really what Christ looked like, and therefore would not the veneration be of another god – one of the artist’s making?

    Let’s make an analogy here. If I carry a photo of a model in my wallet and tell everyone this photo represents my wife, would I be properly representing my wife? Would it be respectful of my wife or would it cause her to be jealous? God tells us that He is a jealous God, which is why He commands no images for worship. But even if you aren’t worshiping the image of Christ, it falsely represents him and you therefore have a “different Jesus.”


    • Hi Glenn,
      Very good points. Thanks for the illustration. That is a great analogy.

      I’ve also heard it said of the sculptors and artists hired to images of kings and queens. If the king in question didn’t like the image, the artist found himself in hot water, sometimes literally.


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