Happy Birthday Jessica!


Dear Jessica,

As the newest member of the family, and your step-father, both your mother and I wanted to wish you a very happy 28th birthday! Turning 28 is really special because it is only one year away from when your age magically freezes at 29. I’m not sure how you ladies do it, but in a few years, you will still only be 29! So turning 28, really isn’t a big deal at all!

I also would like to let you know, that since we are born in the same month of April, that we have the same astrological sign: the cross! That means a whole lot more than the silly things people say about being a ram or a goat or a bull or some such nonsense, because all the stars will eventually pass away, but not those who have the sign of the cross. This means that you and I are not only father and daughter by marriage, but brother and sister by God’s decree. That relationship we have will never pass away!

Your mother and I really hope that you have a wonderful birthday today and that Justin will take you out and lavish you with gifts, fine food and wine, some silly cake and lots of love and affection. Know that if we were there, we would take you out to a fine restaurant like Cheddars… or even McDonald’s… depending upon our ability buy you dinner, and give you a big family hug.

May the LORD bless you today and with many, many birthdays to come.

Your Loving Parents,

Timothy & Heidi


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jessica!

  1. Aww! I thank you so much Timothy!! I am so blessed ! I am excited to finally be 1 year closer to being frozen at the 29! They have a popular store At the mall called Forever 21… I think they should have one called Forever 29! Justin is taking good care of today, we are going to go get coffee and a cream cheese cinnamon roll (better than Cinnabon!!) from “Mama Carmens” coffee shop here in town. I wish you all were here though! Miss you bunches. Very glad I have my wonderful forever family that time and distance won’t separate!! ➕


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