7 Celebrities Who Don’t Believe in God

I saw this article being plugged via Fox News and had to check it out. The seven celebrities are as follows:

  1. Amber Heard — Who?
  2. Jon Hamm — Never heard of him.
  3. Javier Bardem — Never seen him act.
  4. Emma Thompson — I’ve heard of her.
  5. Morgan Freeman — disappointing but not surprising.
  6. Daniel Radcliffe — Who? O that’s right, Harry Potter.
  7. Brad Pitt — Exactly what I would expect from Mr. Pitt.

There is really no one on that list that surprises me. You can follow the link to see the reasons they gave. There is nothing worth quoting or I would, except maybe that Morgan Freeman believes he is god. Nothing new there, that lie has been with us since the garden.

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