Hit Again!

Wedding 011I crouched down behind the barrier to catch my breath and spotted another victim. He was probably 10 years old, and he was working his way through the barriers on the second level. I could see him through the mesh and he was an easy target.

I lifted my gun up to my eye, put the site right on the boy’s vest and fired. The red laser hit him twice, setting off the vest indicating a hit.

I jumped back down behind my barrier and waited. I needed to play this game just a tad bit smarter than the rest of those in the game, since I was clearly the largest one in the room. Even though the vests were the same size, it was a lot easier for a 12 year old to hide than a 250 lb., 50 year old. After all, my bones ached just crouching down.

I spotted another target. Jumped up, sited in, zap! Another hit. I got another, and another.

Then the unwelcome sound came from my vest. Bzzzz! “Shields Up!” That was the voice of my vest telling me I had been hit. I dropped back down and looked around. Where was the laser coming from? I couldn’t see any signs of the luminescent vests behind me at all.

OK, must have been a rogue shot.

I spotted another victim up on the second floor. I jumped up, aimed, fired and scored another hit. Bzzzz! “Shields Up!”

What? I squatted down once again and the vest told me: “Shields down.” I could fire again if I could find a target. I looked behind me again and tried to find out where that second shot was coming from? I didn’t see anything. Whoever my opponent was, he was good and patient.

Another victim on the second floor. Yes, I tagged him, and again heard the voice that I did not want to hear: “Shields up!”

“No more!” I promised myself. I took cover long enough for my vest to give the the green light for attacking once again: “Shields down.”

I jumped up and headed straight for the middle of the room. I knew my attacker would be in the area where no one else was playing. I hadn’t taken three steps when I got hit again! But this time, I saw my assailant!

It was Joey! My boy was targeting me as I targeted others in the room. He burst out laughing and started running. I chased him down and we both spent the next few minutes firing at each other and hearing that voice over and over again: “Shields up!” followed by “Shields down.”

After shooting each other over and over, we decided to work as a team and attack the other players. I can’t help but chuckle over the realization that my boy got the better of me. He is such a stinker.


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    • Hi BabaLu, We went to a place that supplied everything we needed: vests, guns, and obstacle course type setting in which to war. You might check with the bowling alley in Jackson and see if they have laser tag.


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