Let The Pictures Speak

Lest I become all gooey emotionally, I thought I would just post some of the pictures here from my wedding on Saturday to my lovely bride, Heidi Ann.

The best part of the wedding was the ceremony. A fellow pastor and friend from Lufkin, TX did a splendid job of covering all the bases and keeping it a short ceremony. The day was truly special.

Wedding 002

Wedding 006


6 thoughts on “Let The Pictures Speak

    • Oh yea, I dreamed you married someone else, a girl I had seen on TV earlier that evening. Ha I woke up and told mom that I dreamed Tim married the wrong lady.


  1. Congrats ! So very happy for you, and I can tell you are very happy.
    You deserve happiness, and I am sure your new bride is beyond happy too !


  2. Gosh, if you can’t get all emotional and gooey talking about your wedding, when can you? It looks like it was a lovely ceremony and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.


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