Flashback Friday — Stoke’s Birthday

(NOTE: Today is not Stoke’s birthday, that would be October 25th. But the photo was taken on Stoke’s birthday many moons ago…)

I really love this photo because it is one of the better shots I took that fall with my relatively new camera, a Canon Ftb SLR. I saved up several months pay in order to buy the camera, earning money while working at Alfred’s in Town ‘n Country Shopping Village, and The Greenery, a restaurant in what was then the Sheraton Hotel at the corner of the Beltway and I-10.

I think that camera was my greatest accomplishment to that point in my life. I wanted to be a photographer. The problem that I struggled with was finding willing subjects to take pictures of. Stokely was the most willing subject in those days, hence, about half of all the pictures I took worth keeping were of him.

I think this was his seventh or eighth birthday. The party was held at a park somewhere and my father and step mother decided to let him open his presents in the back of my Dad’s International Harvester Scout because of the wind. You see my sister Amy standing to the right. She could not have been very old since she is able to stand upright inside the Scout. I can almost smell the naugahyde!

This is my Flashback Friday edition.

Stoke 014