On Lent and the LORD’s Day

I have not posted a quote in a long time, but I loved this one via one of my FB friends, from Carl Trueman. It really puts Lent and the LORD’s day into perspective. I’m not a fan of Lent, and I’m a huge believer in observing the LORD’s day. May the following quote give you something to ponder.

“Finally, it also puzzles me that time and energy is spent each year on extolling the virtues of Lent when comparatively little is spent on extolling the virtues of the Lord’s Day. Presbyterianism has its liturgical calendar, its way of marking time: Six days of earthly pursuits and one day of rest and gathered worship. Of course, that is rather boring. Boring, that is, unless you understand the rich theology which underlies the Lord’s Day and gathered worship, and realize that every week one meets together with fellow believers to taste a little bit of heaven on earth.”

You can read the rest of Trueman’s article, Ash Wednesday: Picking and Choosing our Piety, here.