Would MLK Be Proud?

I wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of the racial equality that has finally been achieved? With events such as Ferguson and silly campaigns such as Black Lives Matter (unless you are in the womb), you might be wondering what I mean by asking the question.

I simply mean that on one level, racial equality has been achieved in America. With the onslaught of Erotic Libertythere is a now racial equality for those who wish to continue to express religious liberty. It doesn’t matter what your race is, if you hold to biblical beliefs, you will find yourself in the crosshairs of proponents of Erotic Liberty.

First off, what is Erotic Liberty? Albert Mohler puts it this way:

We are now witnessing a direct and unavoidable collision between religious liberty with what is rightly defined as erotic liberty — a liberty claimed on the basis of sexual identity and activity. Religious liberty is officially recognized in the Bill of Rights — even in the very first amendment — and the framers of the American order did not claim to have established this right to free religious expression, but to have recognized it as a pre-existent right basic to citizenship.

Erotic liberty is new on the scene, but it is central to the moral project of modernity — a project that asserts erotic liberty, which the framers never imagined, as an even more fundamental liberty than freedom of religion. The logic of erotic liberty has worked its way from law schools and academia into popular culture, entertainment, public policy, and Supreme Court decisions.

We are seeing the equality I mention above in the firing of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. He made the mistake of publishing a book with his Christian held beliefs, beliefs that include calling homosexuality a sin, along with adultery and other such sexual acts. The book isn’t about those things, but merely mentioned it and made it clear he believed such things were a sin, according to the Bible.

This runs smack in the face of the proponents of Erotic Liberty. Cochran was quickly fired by the Mayor of Atlanta Muhammed Kasim Reed, who is also black. Finally, we’ve achieved racial equality in America. If you happen to hold to biblical beliefs about sexuality, it no longer matters what race you belong to, you will be metaphorically tarred and feathered by the new proponents of erotic liberty. And also fired.

Who are these new proponents of such? Well, I like to think of them as the new Ku Klux Klan because this movement is brought to you by the same people who brought the old Ku Klux Klan, the Democratic Party. They are a party that has always been set on the destruction of blacks and other in America. In that sense, the movement of erotic liberty isn’t focused so much on the rights of gays or others, but it focuses on using an issue as a weapon of destruction and power.

There are several problems with the new KKK. The first of which is the obvious one, they are hard to identify since they don’t wear white sheets any longer. However you can spot them, they run in circles where liberals and members of the Democratic Party hang out. They are on university campuses, newsrooms and government buildings every where. So we should be able to spot them.

But the deeper problem is that they are generally religiously vapid. I’m not saying they are not religious. They are quite religious. But they really don’t hold to any religious precepts or spiritual truth to speak of, which means that theologically speaking, there is a vacuum. Eventually, that vacuum will be filled with Isalm because the white elites in America really have no answer for the onslaught that will continue in this country. In fact, they are so kowtowed toward Islam, that they won’t even put up a fight. Once that happens, the new KKK will no longer tar and feather their enemy metaphorically. They will do it for real.

In fact, they do it now if you count the abortion industry. The new KKK is like the old KKK, they have no problem in really putting people to death, especially if those people being put to death are black babies. Yet, they like to kill anyone’s babies. It matters not to them, because killing has always been a part of the KKK and the Democratic Party.

The real interesting thing is to see how the new KKK and their embracing of Islam will square with the Homosexual Agenda. Something tells me that once Islam takes over, the gays will be thrown under the bus, in a real sense. The irony is that under Christianity, they had a modicum of freedom since we Christians know that the King of kings will deal with them in one way or another. Not so under Islam. Gays will be rounded up with the Christians who gave them some freedom and put to death along with those standing for the truth. Maybe the LORD will be gracious and kind when we are being marched to our deaths, and they will finally hear the gospel for real, repent and believe. That will actually be better for them than what our new KKK will face on judgment day.

But alas, the good news remains. There is finally racial equality on one level at the hands of the new KKK as I mentioned above. It won’t matter what color your skin is, if you hold to Christian convictions, you will continue to find yourself in the crosshairs of the new KKK. I wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud?


4 thoughts on “Would MLK Be Proud?

  1. In a morbid irony, the KKK — as reprehensible as they are — are responsible for far fewer deaths than the Left in general and especially the “Christian” Left. Why? Because the KKK is anti-abortion!


    • Yes, I know. I wish we could help the masses see that truth alone. I think if Foxiness were ever to champion that truth, it would eventually shut down Planned Parenthood.


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