Hello Old Friends

I was perusing through some of my older post and kept coming across the names of people who use to respond and I realized that I had been missing some of my readers. In view of that, if you read this, leave a “hello” in the comments section. I would love to hear from you. Nothing like hearing from old friends even if they are only friends via the blogosphere.

BTW, for those who track these sort of things: I took down my Christmas tree tonight, well before the St. Valentine’s Day deadline!

Also, I was telling a dear friend about the deer run in the back of my Dad’s ranch and told her, “we call it a deer run because that is where the deer run.” Captain Obvious to the rescue!

I hope you are having a wonderful New Year. Mine has been challenging, but I’m grateful for the blessings I have and looking for the day when the LORD opens the flood gates. Yes, I also miss my brother Stoke. (He liked being called Stoke because calling him Stokely reminded him too much of the days when he was younger and … in trouble.)


12 thoughts on “Hello Old Friends

    • Yes, I know. Thank you!

      Sorry I didn’t get to see more of you at the funeral, but I know you had a drive. Hopefully, I can head that way soon.


  1. Hi Tim,

    I still read your posts. Not much of a commenter these days but follow the blog. sorry for your recent loss as well. God bless you brother.


  2. Enjoy your posts. Miss you here in Roswell. Things hsven’t developed as desired both in your life and in the church here, but we trust in the Lord’s care.


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